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The State of Laravel Survey 2022

Each year Tobias Petry leads a community effort to collect information on the state of the Laravel community by running a survey.Let's have a look through the statistics for last year to understand where we are coming from: Various statistics were gathered from this survey, from location to gender and team size - all of which are interesting statistics. The years of programming experience is interesting, and we have the majority of submissions sitting between 2 and 10 years - with 10-20 years leading closely behind. You can contribute to this year's survey here, and help get more insights into the community.It isn't a huge difference between the main competitors - and I am very interested to see what the 0.18% use 👀 So as you can see, the stats aren't anything that will change your mind - but looking through them, we can understand where our fellow developers are, giving us an insight into our market. Let's compare this to their Laravel experience: So the trend here is around what you would expect. It is a fantastic initiative with honest intention and insights that we as a community need. This is pretty well balanced, and you can see the effect of development tooling being focused around the Mac in the Laravel community having a big impact here.Many developers with 2-5 years of experience are using Laravel, which is very similar to the years of programming experience. Let's compare the usage of different PHP versions people are using next.This survey attempts to gain insight into the representation of this outstanding community's diverse technologies and behaviors. Let's see what we can do this year? It is good to see this statistic leaning this way.More and more people moving their PHP versions forward is a massive step for the PHP community as a whole.The most significant amount of contributions for last year did come from Europe, but the creator of the survey is from this continent, so perhaps it is an inadequate representation for everywhere.It is an effort to gain insights into where we are as a community so that we might understand where we are.Instead, it is a simple way for us as the Laravel community to understand where we are - and how we might be able to move forward. Code editors is another interesting one. Lastly, let's look at the Operating System usage.It is a fantastic product, and it is good to see so many in the community investing in quality tools.


Try LaraJobs ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //

Which backend development framework to choose in 2022

Which backend development framework to choose in 2022 I don’t want to waste your time! Just stop searching for the best framework for your next project and start developing.


Try LaraJobs Package to handle email address updates and verification ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //


Try LaraJobs ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //


Try LaraJobs ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //


Try LaraJobs ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //


©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //Try LaraJobs This Laravel Nova package helps developers load translations into their packages.By thujohn //

5 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Machines You Can Buy in 2022

Whatsminer M30S+ 100T Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – 100TH/s Wattage – 3400 Watt Cooling – 2 fans Operating temperature – 0..40 °C Weight — 12.5 kg Whatsminer M30S + 100T is one of the highest-rated ASIC miners used for coin mining based on the SHA-256 algorithm.13,5 TH/s Wattage – 1450 Watt Cooling – 2 fans Operating temperature – 0 .. 40 °C Weight — 5 kg Antminer S9 is one of the best miners created by Bitmain for bitcoin mining.Antminer T19 84T Algorithm: SHA-256 Hashrate: 84 TH/s Wattage: 3150 Watt Cooling: 4 fans Operating temperature: 0..40 °CAntminer S19 95T Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – 95 TH/s Wattage – 3250 Watt Cooling – 4 fans Wattage – 3400 Watt Cooling – 2 fans Operating temperature – 0 – 40 ° Operating temperature – 0 – 40 °C Weight — 16.5 kg Since its release, the miner has consistently demonstrated high performance despite market fluctuations. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Mining Compared to Buying As you well know, the two most popular ways to make money in the cryptocurrency world are mining and buying.It also has some advantages over other competitors, as follows: It has a huge hashing capacity of 100TH/s, increasing to 105TH/s under optimal conditions; Energy consumption is 31 J per terahash, making it more energy-efficient than its competitors.Whatsminer M31S 80T Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – 80TH/sAntminer S9 Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – Weight — 12.5 kg The Whatsminer M31S was designed precisely to stand out in the mining industry with its powerful performance. Conclusion The world of cryptocurrency mining does not stand still and requires increasingly new developments and technologies. Weight: 16.5 kg The payback of the Antminer T19 makes it a cult miner, popular for its energy efficiency and high activity. Best Mining Hardware 1. Mining is a business for professionals, it requires unique abilities as well as the cost of a mining facility (high-end system), storage space, security, power, internet fees, and ongoing maintenance.The main advantages of this cryptocurrency mining device include: The best ratio of performance to cost-effectiveness.This machine gives us the following advantages: Hashing power for high-performance mining. It is about the best equipment and we’ll talk in our article, and choose some of the best options for work. Therefore, choosing equipment for cryptocurrency mining can be a difficult task. Mining is the extraction of digital currency using special equipment. High profitability for bitcoin mining.In addition, we can also highlight the following features of this device: New improved firmware system, which significantly speeds up the startup of the ASIC.It also has the following indisputable benefits: High energy efficiency. efficient power consumption. More powerful fans that dissipate heat more efficiently. High-performance stability. It has a new built-in APW12 power supply. Reliable cooling system. Superior cooling system. The possibility of full reflashing as part of the standard update. 2.


Try LaraJobs ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //


Try LaraJobs ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //

Top Essay Writing Software you can use in 2022

Canva For Creating Visual Content The best way to enhance your essay is to provide your examiner with an opportunity to see some presentation of your work or add some photos to the paper you have written. Photo by Katerina Holmes on Of course, buying a cheap custom essay affordable paper is a great option, and you can forget about any issues at all. LanguageTool As A Great App For Keeping Style Correct LanguageTool is a great essay editing software, that allows you to see more mistakes than Grammarly does. Grammarly As The #1 Choice Talking about Grammarly, each writer or editor can describe it as the best essay writing software for many students. FreeMind For Mind-Mapping The creation of a mind-map is really important, especially for working in a team. Moreover, Grammarly can be called an essay grading software, due to the fact it gives an evaluation of your writing, claiming the tone of your paper. Having some unique approach, you can attach your mind-map to your paper to show how the idea was generated in your mind, and what inspired you the most to have the paper done. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the best applications for writing essays, and see, why it is important to use them while writing. Photo by Katelyn on The main benefit is that the mistakes are corrected in only two clicks. However, using LanguageTool combined with Grammarly would let students have the best experience of writing an essay. Photo by Pixabay on But why LanguageTool is not the best program for using it alone? Choosing the best essay writing software is not a simple task. Using this application, you will be able to create a plan for your essay and share it with your tutor. What Is The Best Essay Writing Software?This application is free, and you are able to see all the mistakes you have in your text, including different stylistic issues, that can spoil the impression of your essay. Nonetheless, if you have multiple essays to be written, FreeMind comes in handy for the creation of a proper schedule for writing your papers and lets you plan each one individually. Of course, this application will not have your paper written. Pay attention to the applications in this article to make sure that your paper would get the highest mark possible.FreeMind gives you an opportunity to share your mind-map, so that, you will be able to create a diagram of your thoughts, which would represent the workflow of your essay.This way, you will be able to improve your paper with images supporting your thoughts and create some diagrams and graphic content to represent some dynamics of described events.But what about the ones who don’t want to use the opportunity to get an affordable paper, but want to test their power and complete an essay themselves.This way, they have to be aware of different major and minor mistakes, that can spoil the overall look and style of their work. First, Grammarly is about correcting different mistakes. Premium Subscription is not important here, though it provides you with a number of useful options for the creation of unique images. But keep in mind, that it is only AI, which does not write your text from the start.For many students, who often miss commas, it is important, because such a minor issue can affect your overall grade for the paper. The application is simple for beginners, so you will not spend hours learning how it works.While writing an essay, every student wants to make it look great and represent all the thoughts they would like. For example, this application would show you if there are too many words in your text.


Try LaraJobs ©2013-2022 Packalyst // With Laravel //By thujohn //

PHP version stats: July, 2022

# Usage Statistics Let's start with the percentage of PHP versions being used today, and compare it to the previous two editions: Version July, 2021 (%) January, 2022 (%) July, 2022 (%) 8.1 0.1 9.1 24.5 8.0 14.7 23.9 20.6 7.4 46.8 43.9 38.4 7.3 19.2 12.0 8.0 7.2 10.4 6.6 5.1 7.1 3.8 2.4 1.9 Note that I've omitted all versions that don't have more than 1% usage.Here are the results: Version July, 2021 (#) January, 2022 (#) July, 2022 (#) 8.1 - - 125 8.0 117 160 94 7.4 56 69 86 7.3 133 116 104 7.2 142 133 130 7.1 182 190 153 7.0 31 29 29 5.6 61 49 42 5.5 43 42 35 5.4 41 43 40 5.3 97 83 77 5.2 12 10 10 5.0 2 2 1 I have mixed feelings about this data. « back — written by Brent on June 27, 2022 PHP version stats: July, 2022 It's that time again: my biyearly summary of which PHP versions are used across the community.Visualizing this data looks something like this: Evolution of version usage As expected during a year with a minor release instead of a major one: PHP 8.1 is growing, and PHP 8.0's usage is already declining. # Required versions Part of the answer though (I think) lies with the open source community: what are packages requiring as their minimal version? All time evolution It's interesting to compare the 5.5 peak in 2014 to the 7.4 peak two years ago. Let's plot this data into a chart: Minimal PHP requirement over timeClean and minimalistic PhpStorm Moving on the the all-time overview chart, here you can see the evolution of version usage across time: Oh, as a side note: there only are 926 packages because some of the 1000 most popular packages don't specifically require a PHP version. I won't say that the open source community is the only responsible factor here, but I do want to encourage you to think carefully about your responsibilities if you are an open source maintainer. I used Nikita's popular package analyzer to download the 1000 most popular composer packages. Less good news — although not unexpected: more than 50% of developers are still on PHP 7.4 or lower. Fear for upgrading shouldn't be a blocker these days compared to eight years ago: we now have mature tools like Rector and PHP CS that take care of almost the whole upgrade path for you.PHP 5.5 and subsequent versions saw a much faster decline as soon as PHP 7.0 became available, compared to PHP 7.4's decline when PHP 8.0 was released.Read more Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster. So why aren't people upgrading to PHP 8.0? I did hope to see PHP 8.X adoption to be climbing more rapidly, I've shared some of my thoughts about it here, if you want some more reading. 👍 👍 👍 0 As always, it's important to note that I'm working with the data available to us.However, look at how many packages still require a version lower than PHP 8.0: 707 out of 926 packages analysed.

PHP in 2022

class PostStateMachine { public function __construct ( private State $state = new Draft () , ) { } } And, of course, readonly properties: class PostData { public function __construct ( public readonly string $title , public readonly PostState $state , public readonly DateTimeImmutable $publishedAt , ) {} } Which, combined with PHP 8.0's promoted properties, make for some very clean data classes. Frameworks like Laravel are embracing static typing more and more (writing code and docblocks with the sole purpose of helping static analysis); PhpStorm added support for generic types, it's a pretty big deal if you can write generic code and have your IDE understand it while you're writing it; PhpStan and psalm are only growing; and finally my own newsletter series about static analysis has been doing pretty well with over 1500 participants, more and more people are getting interested in the topic.Just to visualise the difference, here's that same class, with the same functionality, written in PHP 5.6: class PostData { private $title ; private $state ; private $publishedAt ; public function __construct ( $title, $state, $publishedAt = null ) { $this -> title = $title; $this -> state = $state; $this -> publishedAt = $publishedAt; } public function getTitle () { return $this -> title ; } public function getState () { return $this -> state ; } public function getPublishedAt () { return $this -> publishedAt ; } } Can you see why I'm excited? Enums are now built-into the language: enum Status { case draft ; case published ; case archived ; public function color () : string { return match ( $this ) { Status :: draft => 'grey' , Status :: published => 'green' , Status :: archived => 'red' , }; } } We're able to use new in initializers: # Async PHP One exciting development in the async community, is that the developers from both Amp and ReactPHP — the two major async players — have come together to make a fiber-compatible event loop implementation called Revolt PHP. It's the fourth time I'm writing a yearly "PHP in 20XX" post, and I must admit I've never been as excited about it as this year: we've seen awesome new features added to PHP, with stuff like attributes, enums, promoted properties and fibers; and on top of that, the static analysis community is making great progress, my personal favourite feature is PhpStorm now supporting generics when writing code. These were the things that stood out the most to me personally in 2021, and that make me excited for PHP in 2022: awesome new syntax, stability for core development thanks to the PHP Foundation, static analysis is growing stronger and better, and lots of interesting developments across the community. « back — written by Brent on January 11, 2022 PHP in 2022Clean and minimalistic PhpStorm # The PHP foundation Two months ago, the PHP world got some pretty big news, maybe even the biggest news of 2021:If you want to stay up to date about what's happening on this blog, you can follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter: # Looking forward So what about this year? # The ecosystem Just like every year, I can't go without mentioning Packagist, now with over 3 million registered versions and more than 300.000 packages. If you just want a quick read about why static analysis matters in PHP, and why I'm so excited about it, you could check out this blog post: "We don't need runtime type checks".I find that realtime static analysis — static analysis in your code while you're writing it — offers much more value during the development phase itself. In comparison to the community at large, async PHP is only used by a small portion of it; but nevertheless it's still good to see the async community is going strong and embracing modern PHP. That money is used to fund core development, and opens doors for people to work on PHP who were previously unable. I've already briefly mentioned it: static analysis in PHP is growing significantly. I don't think 2022 will be the most mind blowing year for PHP, but rather a year of adding stability. In short, there's the PHP Foundation, a non-profit with the only goal to fund PHP core development. I haven't had any use cases for it myself, but I know more and more people running serverless PHP in production, so it's definitely something worth keeping an eye on. # Static Analysis An interesting development I've been following along the sideline, is serverless PHP.Read more Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster. I can't help but start this list with the newest PHP version, released just a little more than one month ago. Exciting times are ahead, let's take a look at modern day PHP! Oh, by the way, just recently Packagist passed the milestone of having handled over more than 50 billion installs. How I set up PhpStorm to be clean and minimal in less than 5 minutes. the alternative news website

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