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An Engineer’s Best Tips for Writing Documentation Devs Love

Every month I send out a newsletter containing lots of interesting stuff for the modern PHP developer. Rest assured that I will only use your email address to send you the newsletter and will not use it for any other purposes. Expect quick tips & tricks, interesting tutorials, opinions and packages.I regularly tweet out programming tips, and what I myself have learned in ongoing projects.We monitor uptime, SSL certificates, broken links, scheduled tasks and more.All that paired with a developer friendly API and kick-ass documentation.

5 Survival Multiplayer games Developers can play on Weekends

UnReal World UnReal World, the pioneering Finnish survival roguelike, didn’t have all the seeds for one of the world’s best and most unusual survival games. 7 Days To Die In 7 Days to Die, players must use their wits and fists to survive in a post-civilization world. Rust Rust is one of the best multiplayer games, whether you’re playing with friends or a large online community. Minecraft Players must gather materials, create buildings, combat creatures, eat, and explore the surrounding environment to stay alive. Photo by Lucie Liz on As a result, our concept of “survival” is rather wide. The undead has taken over the earth, and 7 Days is a unique mix of first-person shooter and survival nightmare, tower defences, and role-playing video activities, set in a harsh post-apocalyptic setting. Conclusion With a friend or two around, you’re more likely to escape a dangerous situation unscathed. 7 Days, with its unmatched industrial and world-building features, pioneered the survival genre. This survival game flourished before other early access craft ’em ups and has a more interesting idea. UnReal World, a simulation about surviving challenging, realistic conditions, has periodic updates that add new features and polish old ones. So, how will you go through this survival game jungle and find the gems? Continue making forward progress, avoid making any mistakes, and stay alive till the end of this ordeal. As far as gameplay goes, you wake up on a beach and begin your survival adventure. We did this because we wanted to provide something new from the slew of first-person jungle adventures where you grow hungry and everything clips through barriers constantly. The first step in determining the hardware compatibility for a rlcraft server hosting is to check the event’s hardware specifications. Among the most challenging competitive multiplayer shooters, GTFO drops you into a world teeming with a variety of hostile creatures. Bear in mind that even though GTFO has been released, it is still in open beta, which indicates that the game is not yet finished being developed. Except for the reality that the player must live, the games in our collection have nothing in common.If you want to try it, you should know 7 days to die dedicated server requirements, as this information can often provide you with the best 7 days to die hosting possible. What you should know are the rlcraft server requirements that Minecraft frequently asks for. If you’re playing Java Edition, you can make advances in any planet type, whether cheats are enabled or not.

5 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Machines You Can Buy in 2022

Whatsminer M30S+ 100T Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – 100TH/s Wattage – 3400 Watt Cooling – 2 fans Operating temperature – 0..40 °C Weight — 12.5 kg Whatsminer M30S + 100T is one of the highest-rated ASIC miners used for coin mining based on the SHA-256 algorithm.13,5 TH/s Wattage – 1450 Watt Cooling – 2 fans Operating temperature – 0 .. 40 °C Weight — 5 kg Antminer S9 is one of the best miners created by Bitmain for bitcoin mining.Antminer T19 84T Algorithm: SHA-256 Hashrate: 84 TH/s Wattage: 3150 Watt Cooling: 4 fans Operating temperature: 0..40 °CAntminer S19 95T Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – 95 TH/s Wattage – 3250 Watt Cooling – 4 fans Wattage – 3400 Watt Cooling – 2 fans Operating temperature – 0 – 40 ° Operating temperature – 0 – 40 °C Weight — 16.5 kg Since its release, the miner has consistently demonstrated high performance despite market fluctuations. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Mining Compared to Buying As you well know, the two most popular ways to make money in the cryptocurrency world are mining and buying.It also has some advantages over other competitors, as follows: It has a huge hashing capacity of 100TH/s, increasing to 105TH/s under optimal conditions; Energy consumption is 31 J per terahash, making it more energy-efficient than its competitors.Whatsminer M31S 80T Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – 80TH/sAntminer S9 Algorithm – SHA-256 Hashrate – Weight — 12.5 kg The Whatsminer M31S was designed precisely to stand out in the mining industry with its powerful performance. Conclusion The world of cryptocurrency mining does not stand still and requires increasingly new developments and technologies. Weight: 16.5 kg The payback of the Antminer T19 makes it a cult miner, popular for its energy efficiency and high activity. Best Mining Hardware 1. Mining is a business for professionals, it requires unique abilities as well as the cost of a mining facility (high-end system), storage space, security, power, internet fees, and ongoing maintenance.The main advantages of this cryptocurrency mining device include: The best ratio of performance to cost-effectiveness.This machine gives us the following advantages: Hashing power for high-performance mining. It is about the best equipment and we’ll talk in our article, and choose some of the best options for work. Therefore, choosing equipment for cryptocurrency mining can be a difficult task. Mining is the extraction of digital currency using special equipment. High profitability for bitcoin mining.In addition, we can also highlight the following features of this device: New improved firmware system, which significantly speeds up the startup of the ASIC.It also has the following indisputable benefits: High energy efficiency. efficient power consumption. More powerful fans that dissipate heat more efficiently. High-performance stability. It has a new built-in APW12 power supply. Reliable cooling system. Superior cooling system. The possibility of full reflashing as part of the standard update. 2.

7 Tips for Handling Phone Calls as a Startup

Photo by Canva Studio on Here are a few tips for handling phone calls as a startup: Answer the Phone Promptly Taking too long to answer the phone call can negatively impact your business as it can portray inefficiency. Ask Before Placing Callers on Hold Placing callers on hold can lead to callers feeling unwanted and agitated. Consider Getting A Local Phone Number A local phone number refers to a number that begins with an area code specifically for a particular region e.g. in Pennsylvania. Keep a Call Follow-Up Procedure in Place To ensure your customers get the most out of their calls, it is best to have to follow -up procedures set up. Follow-ups portray a positive image of your company and can influence the callers’ decision to use the services offered by your company in the future. Identify Your Business Identifying your business as soon as you pick up the call is crucial. Taking too long to answer the phone can lead to callers hanging up with minimal chances of ever calling back. Summarize Before Ending the Call Before you end the call, it is best to summarize the critical topic you have gone through. Excellent phone handling portrays high professionalism and standards for your company and can benefit your business’s growth. A warm and positive attitude is always guaranteed to leave a long-lasting positive impact on callers. Ensuring you handle your phone calls efficiently can have a beneficial impact on your startup.You should aim to answer the phone as quickly as possible, primarily if your business relies on phone inquiries to gain new customers.Professionally Interactions over the phone are an indication of the standard in your company. Asking the callers first helps set expectations as it helps them know what to expect.Although many communication channels are available today, such as email, social media, and live chats, phone calls are still highly preferred by customers.Therefore you cannot ignore the relevance of phone calls, and call handling is crucial to ensuring excellent customer service, especially for startups. Treat the CallerA local Pennsylvania number is a great way to ensure your services are more accessible to the local community and also allows you to advertise your startup.It would be best if you always asked for more details from the callers to ensure you can communicate with them later.

Top Essay Writing Software you can use in 2022

Canva For Creating Visual Content The best way to enhance your essay is to provide your examiner with an opportunity to see some presentation of your work or add some photos to the paper you have written. Photo by Katerina Holmes on Of course, buying a cheap custom essay affordable paper is a great option, and you can forget about any issues at all. LanguageTool As A Great App For Keeping Style Correct LanguageTool is a great essay editing software, that allows you to see more mistakes than Grammarly does. Grammarly As The #1 Choice Talking about Grammarly, each writer or editor can describe it as the best essay writing software for many students. FreeMind For Mind-Mapping The creation of a mind-map is really important, especially for working in a team. Moreover, Grammarly can be called an essay grading software, due to the fact it gives an evaluation of your writing, claiming the tone of your paper. Having some unique approach, you can attach your mind-map to your paper to show how the idea was generated in your mind, and what inspired you the most to have the paper done. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the best applications for writing essays, and see, why it is important to use them while writing. Photo by Katelyn on The main benefit is that the mistakes are corrected in only two clicks. However, using LanguageTool combined with Grammarly would let students have the best experience of writing an essay. Photo by Pixabay on But why LanguageTool is not the best program for using it alone? Choosing the best essay writing software is not a simple task. Using this application, you will be able to create a plan for your essay and share it with your tutor. What Is The Best Essay Writing Software?This application is free, and you are able to see all the mistakes you have in your text, including different stylistic issues, that can spoil the impression of your essay. Nonetheless, if you have multiple essays to be written, FreeMind comes in handy for the creation of a proper schedule for writing your papers and lets you plan each one individually. Of course, this application will not have your paper written. Pay attention to the applications in this article to make sure that your paper would get the highest mark possible.FreeMind gives you an opportunity to share your mind-map, so that, you will be able to create a diagram of your thoughts, which would represent the workflow of your essay.This way, you will be able to improve your paper with images supporting your thoughts and create some diagrams and graphic content to represent some dynamics of described events.But what about the ones who don’t want to use the opportunity to get an affordable paper, but want to test their power and complete an essay themselves.This way, they have to be aware of different major and minor mistakes, that can spoil the overall look and style of their work. First, Grammarly is about correcting different mistakes. Premium Subscription is not important here, though it provides you with a number of useful options for the creation of unique images. But keep in mind, that it is only AI, which does not write your text from the start.For many students, who often miss commas, it is important, because such a minor issue can affect your overall grade for the paper. The application is simple for beginners, so you will not spend hours learning how it works.While writing an essay, every student wants to make it look great and represent all the thoughts they would like. For example, this application would show you if there are too many words in your text.

Best host for Larave with React : laravel

Hi all I have a Laravel app connected through APIs to two separate React projects, I want a piece of advice on the best hosting to deploy this. If I choose the Laravel Droplet solution from Digitalocean can I run npm commands?

what is the best way to go about the usage in different projects? : laravel

Things like logins, registration, payments integration, comment system, content system, voting system, likes system, etc, are all done the way I want them to work. Is it better if I turn the whole thing into a package and just import it to the new Laravel project? Or is it better if I just fork it for each new project?Personally, I don't like that idea because it means that there is no easy way of updating all my projects.This way all my projects can receive updates and new features. I am slightly uncertain how to approach future usage. Mind you this is something that only I will use, I don't plan to sell it or even give it for free to anyone.Hey, I've built my own "CMS" thing. Is there a third way?I've made it generic enough that it can be used for many different things related to keeping and maintaining content.

7 Reasons Drupal is the Best CMS for Your Business in 2022

Security When you plan to grow your business, it’s recommended to have all your content stacked together on one platform. Open Source Community Drupal, being an open-source software platform, has a large community of developers. SEO Friendliness The purpose behind marketing your content for your business is to get more and more reach by the day. Drupal Modules Besides using the custom features for Drupal websites, you also get access to the Lego-like framework that allows for personal customization. Customized User Experiences Drupal delivers custom experiences, unlike the cookie-cutter solutions you might come across these days. Third-Party Integrations Businesses rely on dynamic content to market across various channels.Take a look at this list of some specs you’ll find in Drupal: Personalization - You can access several personalization modules for Drupal like Commerce Recommender, Smart Content module, Acquia Lift Connector integration module, Browsing History Recommender, Context-Menu Block, and even the Personalization Module. Extensibility via APIs: Apart from third-party integrations, every modern CMS needs extensive access to a robust collection of APIs. - You can access several personalization modules for Drupal like Commerce Recommender, Smart Content module, Acquia Lift Connector integration module, Browsing History Recommender, Context-Menu Block, and even the Personalization Module. The Launch of Drupal 10 Drupal 10 is all set for its big release in December 2022. Effective Editorial Workflows Almost all the organizations using Drupal value its effectiveness in editorial workflows. Drupal is a robust content management system that ensures your website’s search engine optimization using its modules. - The page title of your website is one of the most important elements to enhance your website's SEO. - The latest version of Drupal core allows you to translate and personalize your site to the user’s ease of understanding by changing the language depending on the user’s geolocation.Here are some examples of what many non-users might already know about Drupal: Drupal is an open-source CMS platform providing interactive website layouts for small-to-large businesses and organizations. With contributions coming from everyone and anyone in the Drupal community, businesses and organizations can select from a huge repository of website features such as Admin Toolbar, Layout Builder, Drupal GraphQL - It’s the API that adjusts the language of the website depending on the user’s geolocation. - Drupal makes it very easy to preview the content you’re uploading, make edits in the text editor and review them before publishing.Here’s how it does that: SEO-friendly URLs - As a process directly built into the core of Drupal, you can create SEO-friendly URLs for different websites. Drupal's security is also enhanced by a variety of core and contributed modules that support two-factor authentication, password security, and out-of-the-box password encryption capabilities. - Drupal core provides an amazing Layout Builder module to fulfill all your visual design requirements for your marketing campaigns. Additionally, the scalability and compatibility of Drupal as a CMS make it secure as your business grows through your website. All in all, Drupal 10 is set to make the lives of Drupal developers easier and help them build customized digital experiences. A lot of the big guns in the market rely on modern content management systems that can mutate with the developing technologies. Thus, you can expect modern website designs via Drupal even in the bustling traffic of online ecosystems. - As a process directly built into the core of Drupal, you can create SEO-friendly URLs for different websites.For example: RESTful Web Services API - It supports a decoupled Drupal site, integration with web services, and powers communication among native iOS and Android apps and Drupal sites. It has a huge library of community-built and supported code and modules. To conclude, Drupal is the versatile CMS platform that has continuously grown with innovative features and several contributions from the community all needed in this competitive age of demanding consumers. And the new backend theme, Claro, is stable and will be simplifying the content creation, moderation, and editorial workflows of the users. Having said that, hiring Drupal development services for your business would be your next best alternative to growing your business. - It supports a decoupled Drupal site, integration with web services, and powers communication among native iOS and Android apps and Drupal sites. Drupal 10 will be built on Drupal 9, delivering an out-of-the-box user experience. - With Drupal, it becomes very easy to categorize everything with the built-in taxonomy system. This article talks about the most important things you should know about Drupal to better understand its value and to help validate it with your team. Drupal has a dedicated team of security experts who monitor and solve all the security issues reported to their Security Advisory.Its content moderation and configuration features allow you to use it effectively by reviewing and approving the content before publishing it on the website.Page Titles - The page title of your website is one of the most important elements to enhance your website's SEO. Additionally, the community includes developers and various technical professionals. You’re now well aware of the power points of Drupal that make it the go-to CMS for your business in 2022. Using Drupal can guarantee you a solid working ground, giving enhanced UX and UI designs that are presentable and customized. Why Drupal Might be the Best CMS for Your Business? The most basic reason for relying on a CMS is efficient productivity via marketing automation strategies.Categorization is a critical element of a search engine optimized website and with Drupal’s flexible taxonomy, organization and categorization become simply easy to use.Categorization is a critical element of a search engine optimized website and with Drupal’s flexible taxonomy, organization and categorization become simply easy to use. Which is one of the reasons why Drupal is a high-in-demand CMS in this dynamic online ecosystem. Seeing those kinds of trends and growth, many companies not using Drupal might wonder about its standing in the world.It provides a set of pre-installed SEO automation tools to help control all the elements of your website resulting it at the top search ranks of SEO-friendly CMSs. You already know the basics about Drupal and its advantages on the outside. In addition to these APIs, Drupal’s architecture is designed and molded with Drupal’s API, querying, and GraphQL, along with microservices models.Using the Custom Block module, you can build custom blocks for your UI, maintaining content uniformity throughout your website. After all, Drupal has been ruling the industry for the last decade and is here to stay! As a CMS, Drupal is highly scalable. Drupal is the solution for eCommerce platforms as well. Yes, that’s right! Final Thoughts - Drupal is Here to Stay!

Here are the best Amazon Echo deals right now

$250 at Amazon $250 at Best Buy The best Echo Show 15 deals Unlike other smart displays in Amazon’s Echo lineup, the new Echo Show 15 is a large, wall-mounted device with a 15.6-inch touch display.$40 at Amazon $40 at Target Echo Dot (third-gen) $30 $40 26% off This puck-like Echo Dot is the third generation of Amazon’s smart speaker. Amazon Echo Show 8 (first-gen) $88 $110 21% off The last-gen Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s mid-size smart display.$30 at Amazon $30 at Best Buy The best Echo Dot Kids Edition deals The fourth-gen Echo Dot Kids Edition is as spherical as its adult version but is designed to look like a tiger or panda. Amazon Echo Show 5 (second-gen) $80 $85 6% off Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is an ideal smart display for a nightstand.$130 at Amazon $130 at Target The best Echo Show 10 deals Last year, Amazon released a third-gen Echo Show 10. Echo Dot Kids Edition (fourth-gen) $45 $60 26% off The Echo Dot Kids Edition is Amazon’s kid-friendly smart speaker. Amazon Echo Dot (fourth-gen) $40 $50 21% off The 2020 Echo Dot features a more spherical design than an actual dot but can still do all the things Alexa does with other Echo models. The best Echo Show 5 deals If you are looking for a compact Echo device that functions more as a smart clock than an entertainment speaker, the Echo Show 5 is the Echo device to consider.$45 at Amazon $45 at Target The best Amazon Echo deals The fourth-gen Amazon Echo also received a makeover in 2020. The best Echo Show 8 deals Like the Echo Show 5, the Echo Show 8 is available in two distinct models, both of which feature 8-inch displays and dual speakers.$80 at Target The best Echo Show 5 Kids Edition deals The Echo Dot isn’t the only Echo device with a kid-friendly design. If you’re looking to pick up the latest, kid-centric Echo Dot, it’s currently available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target for $44.99 ($15 off), a mere $5 more than the standard version but $20 more than the all-time low we saw on the smart speaker during Prime Day. The best Amazon Echo Studio deals If you’re interested in an Alexa smart speaker with better audio quality and Dolby Atmos support, the Echo Studio is the Amazon product to check out. The best Echo Dot deals In 2020, Amazon released the fourth generation of the Echo Dot, which looks more like a sphere than an actual dot. We’ve seen the second-gen Echo Show 5 drop to as low as $44.99 in the past, however, it’s currently only available at a discount at Target, where you can pick up the blue and white colorways for $79.99 ($5 off). As for the second-gen model, it’s readily available at retailers like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy for $129.99, the usual list price. Amazon Echo Show 10 (third-gen) $250 Amazon’s rotating Echo Show 10 has a motor within its cylindrical base that lets its 10.1-inch display spin around to find you, so you’ll always have the screen within view. We recently saw the first-gen Show 8 drop to as low as $54.99 ($55 off) on Amazon, but it’s currently only discounted at Target, where you can pick up the black model on clearance for $87.99. Amazon Echo Show 15 $250 The Echo Show 15 is a large, wall-mounted device that acts as a shared hub for families to view upcoming calendar appointments, virtual notes, and more. Regardless of why you might want one, there’s also always a way to save on an Echo device, from the last-gen Dot to the wall-mounted Echo Show 15. As far as pricing goes, we recently saw the Echo Show 5 Kids drop to $39.99 — its lowest price to date — during Amazon Prime Day.The Echo Show 5 Kids Edition offers all of the same features as the standard, second-gen Echo Show 5, only with a vibrant print on the rear and a year of Amazon’s Kids Plus service, which grants your family access to a trove of videos, games, and other kid-friendly content. We’ve seen the latest Echo Show 10 get discounted to as low as $200, but no active deals are available right now. Below, we’ve rounded up the best deals available on each device in Amazon’s Echo lineup. As for the latest Echo Dot, it’s available right now at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target for $39.99 ($10 off), which is considerably more expensive than it was during Amazon Prime Day. Amazon’s current Echo lineup offers a broad selection of smart speakers and displays that can fit just about anywhere in your home.$88 at Target Amazon Echo Show 8 (second-gen) $130Additionally, Best Buy is offering $10 off the price of two if you’re looking to outfit your home with multiple smart speakers, regardless of which Echo Dot model you prefer.It features a sharp, 8-inch screen and most of the features found on the second-gen model, though, it lacks the latter’s 13MP camera and speedy performance.You can also buy the last-gen model at Best Buy and Amazon, however, it’s only available for the speaker’s full retail price of $109.99.The device features a 10.1-inch HD screen and, unlike the Show 5 and Show 8, the 2021 model allows you to adjust the angle of the screen.If you still want to pick it up, however, you can get it for $249.99 — the smart display’s typical retail price — at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. In the past, we’ve seen the namesake Echo drop to as low as $60, primarily during shopping events like Black Friday and Prime Day.Amazon, Target, and Best Buy are also selling the model with a built-in LED display that showcases the time, weather, and other information for $49.99, a modest $10 off its usual list price.Like with the aforementioned Echo Dot, Best Buy is also knocking an additional $10 off the price of a pair, dropping the final sale price of two to around $80.

The best Spider-Man movies are coming to Netflix

I know the films aren’t objectively the best — the third one is just bad — but for many people of a certain age like me, they’re formative movies that are packed with iconic moments and legendary memes. Raimi’s trilogy is the best Spider-Man trilogy, and I won’t hear another word edgewise. Very soon, you’ll be able to relive all of the glorious moments from the trilogy right from Netflix.Sam Raimi’s incredible Spider-Man movie trilogy will be available on Netflix beginning August 1st, the company announced on Tuesday. He said our Spider-Man trilogy is coming to Netflix on August 1! Tobey Maguire’s Emo Peter Parker is basically a permanent internet character.

Ms. Marvel Ended Up Being the Best Thing on Disney+ This Year

A self-professed “history geek,” Obaid-Chinoy says she’s gotten messages this month from South Asian families detailing conversations about that era they’d never had with each other until they watched the show.“People lost grandparents, great-grandparents; people have unfinished conversations with best friends,” Obaid-Chinoy says.(As Kamala’s mother, Muneeba, notes, “every family has a Partition story, and none of them are good.”) When the original Ms. Marvel comic, created by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona, came out in 2014 it was hailed as the first of its kind, specifically the first monthly Marvel series to star a Muslim woman as its hero. The show’s depiction of the Partition also puts something onscreen that Hollywood has rarely visualized, says Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker who directed the season’s penultimate episodes.And her superhero history goes back to 1947, when India gained independence from British rule and the Partition divided the area into Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India, causing one of the greatest migrations ever.But while Steve Rogers was turned into Captain America to fight in World War II and the Eternals (somewhat ham-fistedly) touched on world-historic atrocities, Kamala Khan’s narrative brings that connection to the past down to the ground level.Her grandmother lives in Karachi and, as Ms. Marvel showed in episodes 4 and 5, was a young girl when her family fled to Pakistan.It featured, of course, a mid-credits scene teasing a future movie tie-in; the hero saved her community and had a loving moment with her family.When you think about bringing a superhero into that world, where there’s pain and trauma associated with it, you have to do it in a manner that brings dignity.”Comics Alliance said it was perhaps “the most important comic” published that year. Ms. Marvel is, in many ways, the quintessential comics origin story:Kamala's superpowers turn out to be rooted, in a way, in her family's Partition story.But thanks in large part to Iman Vellani, the 19-year-old actor who plays Kamala, the character is fully three-dimensional in a way that many on-screen superheroes aren’t.“It came with a great responsibility to create Partition because so many lives were connected to it.

The best affordable Windows laptops you can buy

Specs to look for in a sub-$500 Windows laptop Intel Core i or AMD Ryzen 3 processors 8GB of RAM An SSD with at least 128GB of space 1080p display Mostly metal designs We recommend getting the most powerful CPU you can afford because it will dictate how fast the computer will feel overall. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Valentina Palladino / Engadget Lenovo’s Flex 5 14 is a good alternative if you want a more portable laptop with a battery life that will keep you going all day long. Engadget picks Acer Aspire 5 Valentina Palladino / Engadget Acer’s Aspire 5 series has been a reliable pick for quite some time now. Surface Laptop Go 2 Sam Rutherford/Engadget We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Microsoft's new Surface Laptop Go 2 here, even though it starts at $600. What Windows laptops do well Wachiwit via Getty Images So what can you realistically accomplish on a cheap Windows laptop? What to look for in a cheap Windows laptop While you can do a lot even when spending little on a Windows laptop, you must set your expectations accordingly. Performance was similar to the previous Aspire 5 model that we tested, but you will find some design differences on the A514-54-395V. Namely, it’s a 14-inch machine, not a 15-inch one, and it doesn’t have a full number pad on the right side of the keyboard. In addition to the attractive design, another reason why you may want to spring for the Laptop Go 2 is that even the base model runs on an 11th-gen Intel Core i5 processor.However, with sub-$500 laptops, you’re better off getting the best CPU you can afford rather than a laptop with a ton of RAM because the CPU will have enough power to handle most tasks that cheap laptops are designed for (If you’re editing RAW images or 4K video, you’ll want to invest in more RAM… and a laptop well above $500). There are two big downsides to the Laptop Go 2: the higher starting price and the base model’s 4GB of RAM. The Flex 5 14 also has the upper-hand over the Aspire 5 when it comes to battery life: A final note before we get to our picks: Cheap Windows laptop models change all the time.There’s a reason why companies like Acer, ASUS, Dell and the like make Windows devices under $500 — lots of people have strict budgets to adhere to and others just don’t need the power that comes with a flagship laptop. Windows also gives you the ability to download and use programs from other sources, like direct from the developer. And despite being a budget machine, the Flex 5 14 isn’t flimsy. If you’re a regular Engadget reader, you probably don’t think of cheap Windows laptops when you think of daily drivers.Undoubtedly, the Laptop Go 2 has one of the best designs you’ll find on any cheap Windows notebook, with a minimalist aesthetic, thin bezels surrounding its display and a relatively like 2.5-pound weight. When it comes to specs, a bright spot for Windows laptops is storage. Affordable Windows notebooks are great options for people that only use a computer to check email, shop online or post on Facebook. When it comes to storage, consider how much you want to save locally. The typing experience is also top-notch: while it doesn’t have a number pad, its keys have that rounded-bottom shape that’s similar to keys on Lenovo’s ThinkPad machines. In addition to new WiFi 6 support, the latest Aspire 5 has an additional, crucial USB-C port.We were also impressed by the Laptop Go 2’s battery life – it lasted nearly 15 hours in our testing, and since Microsoft improved the interior thermal system, you shouldn’t hear excessive fan noise when you’re using it.We’ve listed some of our current favorite models below, but if you can’t find any of them available near you, just keep in mind our list of specs to look for in a cheap laptop – they’ll guide you to the best machines available at the moment. Windows also has thousands of apps that you can download from its app store.Just remember that your digital space will also be taken up by apps, so it may be worth getting a little extra storage than you think you need if you know you’ll be downloading big programs.Most recently, we tested out the A514-54-395V, which has a 14-inch 1080p display and runs on an 11th-gen Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Now, you may be inclined to recommend a Chromebook or a tablet to all of the people listed above. Chromebooks are a good alternative for those that basically live in a browser.It runs on an AMD Ryzen 3 4300 processor, with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, and it’s accompanied by a 14-inch 1080p IPS display and an array of ports that includes one USB-C connection.You’ll pay $600 for a machine with a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, and while those specs aren’t terrible, we usually recommend spring for a machine with at least 8GB of RAM.RAM is also important because, the more you have, the easier it will be for the laptop to manage things like a dozen browser tabs while you edit a Word document and stream music in the background. You also don’t have to settle for an entirely plastic notebook either.A final side note: SSDs are ubiquitous at this point, not to mention faster and more efficient than HDDs, so we recommend getting a laptop with that type of storage.You’re also getting a 720p webcam, a fairly comfortable keyboard (albeit with no backlight) and a port array that includes one USB-A connection, one USB-C socket, a headphone jack and a power slot. What about Chromebooks and tablets?You’ll have to spend $700 to get that amount of memory in the Laptop Go 2, which is still cheaper than flagship notebooks, but not as affordable when compared with our other picks.You can run things like Adobe Creative Suite, certain VPNs and programs like GIMP, Audacity and ClipMate on a Windows device, which just isn’t possible on Chrome OS.While yes, there is a browser based version, the native, desktop apps are considered a must have for many and will run smoothly on even the most bare-bones laptops.Many Windows laptops under $500 run on Intel Celeron or Pentium processors, but you can find some with Core i3/i5 and AMD Ryzen 3/5 CPUs at the higher end of the price spectrum.And like most Lenovo machines, the Flex 5 14 has a webcam that you can cover with a physical shutter.Touchscreens aren’t as common in the under-$500 space as standard panels, but you’ll only really miss one if you get a 2-in-1 laptop.If you primarily work in Google Docs or save most things in the cloud, you may not need a machine with a ton of onboard storage.Chromebooks have some Chrome apps, numerous browser extensions and the ability to download Android apps, but quality control is… inconsistent.On the previous model, we were clocking in roughly six hours of battery life, so this is a much-needed improvement.

This Band Wrote the Best Legend of Zelda Song of 2022

One of their best tracks, 2019’s “DIRT,” is built around a piercingly plonking guitar riff and the phrase “And there is dirt and there is juice / and I am mixing up the two.”“I don’t know a lot of music theory,” Giannopoulos says, “but I do know a lot of pop culture stuff.There’s also an Instagram account that Giannopoulos loves that posts songs from “really weird and rare Japanese video games from the ’90s, lots of cool crazy acid house stuff or rave-ish music, and some of them are insanely good,” Giannopoulos says. They both grew up in Boston and reminisce fondly about “split-screen hangs,” days playing games like Goldeneye in friends’ basements and living rooms. In a recent interview with The Fader’s Jordan Darville, the band’s frontman, Dimitri Giannopoulos, explained the album’s title track by saying: “The tone of the guitar always reminds me of playing The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.”“My childhood playing video games did maybe start my music career,” he says.Beaming just at the thought, he paraphrases: “Guy hired to write score for swimming gorilla accidentally writes best ambient album of all time.”Giannopoulos says it wasn’t one of the mallpunk songs that THPS is best known for but AC/DC’s “TNT,” off THPS4, that he loved so much he made his mom take him to the CD store to buy High Voltage.“They’re huge mood changers,” Margaris says, intentionally or not, echoing what his band does so well.“Without AC/DC’s High Voltage I wouldn’t have gotten into rock ‘n’ roll.”The score writers were “using such limited technology, it’s insane what they were able to do.”Straight up I’ll be like, ‘John, do a bass line that sounds like’ [insert something from their youth].”Sums up Margalis: “They’re wicked bizarre.”Horse Jumper of Love is a rock band from Boston that makes the kind of music you might want playing in your hyperbaric chamber if you were stuck in there for a while and really wanted to lean into the experience.“You don’t realize you’re listening to almost fusion-y kind of music.Being able to listen to something over and over and not get bored—that was a new experience.”

🎁The Celebration Big Bundle: Best Deal For Developers🤩

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The best educational toys for kids

My one critique is that the jumper wires can be tough to insert and might require a bit of patience — something we know not every eight-year-old has an abundance of. — T.O. Playskool Shape Sorter Playskool A shape sorter is an awesome toy for younger kids because it encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving and even vocabulary (by identifying the names of shapes and colors).Yoto calls the player a “carefully connected” speaker: You bring it online during the initial setup, but from there kids can access safe songs and other content through physical cards. — Devindra Hardawar, Senior Editor Kiwi Crates subscription Kiwi Crates I am, admittedly, a sucker for a good subscription box.— B.S. Smart Lab: Smart Circuits Smart Lab When it comes to introducing kids to electronics there are a ton of options, but I personally like the Smart Circuits kit.— D.H. Playtime Engineering: Blipblox Will Lipman Photography for Engadget The Blipblox may look like a simple noise-maker for kids, but this gadget is much more than just a toy.— Terrence O’Brien, Managing Editor Kindle Kids Edition Will Lipman Photography for Engadget I can tell you first hand that Amazon’s Fire tablets for kids are great for little ones.— Billy Steele, Senior News Editor Lovevery play kits Lovevery It can be a daunting task picking the best toys to help your baby learn and develop through the toddler and preschool years.— B.S. Montessori Busy Board Engadget My kids are currently fascinated with snaps, zippers and closures, which is fun because it means it’s easy to amuse them, but awkward, too, because they often decide to undo the closures on the shirt I’m wearing.— T.O. Kano PC Engadget The Kano PC may look at first like a cheap Surface knock-off, but based on our testing, it’s also a perfect introduction to the computer world for young children.— Amber Bouman, Associate Editor, Parenting Yoto Player Will Lipman Photography for Engadget The Yoto Player is the perfect toy for a young child who wants to play their own tunes and stories, but who isn’t ready for an iPad or smart speaker of their own. Magna-Tiles Engadget There are tons of building toys out there, from LEGO, to Tegu, to the classic wooden block. At $120 for a 100 piece set, Magna-Tiles certainly aren’t cheap, but they’re definitely the sort of toy that will keep your child entertained for years to come, while also helping them learn valuable problem solving skills. The device comes with a protective cover and one year of the company’s Kids+ service for unlimited access to books ($4.99/month afterwards). Past kits have covered farm life, dinosaurs and simple machines like ramps. The kits aren’t cheap: the boxes for babies are $80 each and when you hit one year they go up to $120. These are open-ended building toys that don’t have set instructions for making a particular scene or item.It’s partially DIY — the base unit is a Windows 10 tablet with a pre-installed CPU, memory and storage, but kids will have to plug in a colorful battery and speaker module to get it going.Each month my three-year-old gets a collection of simple DIY toys, crafts and games built around a theme. The kit itself only has a few pieces, but they’re quite flexible.The whole thing is durable, too — my son likes to chew on the shapes and my daughter likes to stand on the box, but despite that abuse, there’s not so much as a dent or a scratch on it. The best part is the crates will grow with him.Each box is a mix of toys and books (or cards for little babies) that start at birth and go all the way up to four-years-old.It’s easy to bring along on trips, and deMoca also makes a “Quiet Book” — a soft-cover, fabric version that’s washable.It also adheres to the Montessori philosophy of simple, wooden toys that help children explore the world around them through play.They’re safe for a three-year-old, and fun for much older kids, too.The parents on the Engadget staff know this well, and we’ve tried out a bunch of educational toys with our kids, with various results.However, once your kid gets a little older a dedicated device for books with fewer distractions is a better option.These are some of the ones that have had staying power with our children — and even we adults have to admit we found them pretty fun, too.These large, colorful construction toys come in a variety of sizes and shapes and click together, or to other surfaces, with the aid of powerful magnets.They can be combined to form simple shapes like cubes and pyramids, or arranged to make magnetic art on a garage door.Blipblox can teach kids about music through a basic approach to instruments and synthesis, but its features are advanced enough to offer noise-making magic for parents, too.It’s detailed enough for kids to make out images, but it’s insufficient for video, which should actually be good news for parents worried about too much screen time.But some toys are better than others when it comes to actually stimulating your child’s brain while also keeping them entertained.There’s the usual electronics kid fare, like LEDs, a speaker, a potentiometer and two buttons.Honestly, as a nearly 40-year-old man, even I have a blast finding new and interesting ways to create ever more elaborate structures with my son.Inside was a plush lightning bug that we had to stuff ourselves and shape using hair ties; a mushroom that had us painting a Slurpee lid and then dotting it with glow-in-the-dark stickers; and a dancing, glowing jellyfish as well as several window clings of sea creates for him to create scenes with.It intrigues children by activating their senses and helps them develop their fine-motor skills and problem solving by using real-world obstacles.They can withstand the carelessness of a young child and offer access to tons of content with parental controls.It has been nice to refresh our child’s toys with things that are more appropriate for his developmental stage on a regular basis.A busy board capitalizes on this curiosity by offering several different clasps, snaps, zippers, buttons and openings for little ones to work their fingers on. the alternative news website

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