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Encrypt and Decrypt Eloquent Model Fields in Laravel Apps

Here's an example of a model from the readme's setup instructions that illustrates what a model looks like using Ciphersweet: 1 use Spatie\LaravelCipherSweet\Contracts\CipherSweetEncrypted ; 2 use Spatie\LaravelCipherSweet\Concerns\UsesCipherSweet ; 3 use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\EncryptedRow ; 4 use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model ; 5 6 class User extends Model implements CipherSweetEncrypted 7 { 8 use UsesCipherSweet ; 9 10 public static function configureCipherSweet ( EncryptedRow $encryptedRow) : void 11 { 12 $encryptedRow 13 -> addField ( 'email' ) 14 -> addBlindIndex ( 'email' , new BlindIndex ( 'email_index' )); 15 } 16 } This allows you the encrypt a user's email to keep it safe from unauthorized people reading the data, but give you the ability to decrypt the data to display it or work with it. Once you have configured this package and set up a model, you can search encrypted data in the database using blind indexes: 1 $user = User :: whereBlind ( 'email' , 'email_index' , '[email protected]' ); This package also aids in generating encrypting keys and encrypting model attributes to speed up integration with Ciphersweet.The package's readme explains the problem Ciphersweet can help solve as follows: In your project, you might store sensitive personal data in your database. I want to point out that you should not use this package blindly without understanding the ins and outs of the use case you are trying to solve. This package is a wrapper for Ciphersweet to integrate its features into Laravel models easily. CipherSweet also has PHP-specific documentation to help get you up to speed with the underlying PHP package.

A Package to Require Approval Before Peristing Model Data

9 Approval :: where ( 'id' , 1 ) -> approve (); 10 Approval :: where ( 'id' , 2 ) -> reject (); 11 Approval :: where ( 'id' , 3 ) -> postpone (); Finally, if you want to bypass the approval process and persist a model you can use the following method on your model: 1 $model -> withoutApproval () -> update ([ 'title' => 'Some Title' ]); You can get started with this package by checking out the repository on Github at cjmellor/approval. To get started with this package, use the provided MustBeApproved trait on a model: 1 use Cjmellor\Approval\Concerns\MustBeApproved ; 2 3 class Post extends Model 4 { 5 use MustBeApproved ; 6 7 // ... 8 } The package uses a polymorphic relationship to store the data that must be approved in a new table called approvals .4 Approval :: approved () -> get (); 5 Approval :: rejected () -> get (); 6 Approval :: pending () -> count (); 7 8 // 1 use App\Models\Approval ; 2 3 // Get approvals, rejected models, and pending.

Things You Should Know About Databases

Every month I send out a newsletter containing lots of interesting stuff for the modern PHP developer. Rest assured that I will only use your email address to send you the newsletter and will not use it for any other purposes. Expect quick tips & tricks, interesting tutorials, opinions and packages. Let's explain the two most important topics when working with RDBMSs: indexes and transactions. Stay up to date with all things Laravel, PHP, and JavaScript.I regularly tweet out programming tips, and what I myself have learned in ongoing projects.We monitor uptime, SSL certificates, broken links, scheduled tasks and more.

Vapor: Aurora Serverless v2 Is Now Available

When creating a database, a new "MySQL 8.0 Serverless v2" option will be available and may be used if you would like to start your new Vapor project using Aurora Serverless v2. Starting today, this new database type is available to your Laravel Vapor projects! In addition, you may adjust the starting and maximum capacity of your database at any time.A large maximum capacity allows the database to scale up the most when it's running an intensive workload.This new version adds support for MySQL 8.0 and has faster, more granular, and less disruptive scaling than Aurora Serverless v1.

Forge: MariaDB 10.6 and PostgreSQL 14

Forge allows you to painlessly create and manage PHP servers which include MySQL, Redis, Memcached, database backups, and everything else you need to run robust, modern Laravel applications.Servers that were provisioned with MariaDB 10.3 will continue to run 10.3.We're happy to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB 10.6 and PostgreSQL 14 database versions on Laravel Forge.

Upload Files using Ajax in Laravel

Then add your database details in the .env file, as follows: DB_CONNECTION=mysql DB_HOST= DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=here your database name here DB_USERNAME=here database username here DB_PASSWORD=here database password here 3. You can study other tutorials: Laravel Tutorial : Push Notification With Firebase Laravel 9 Laravel Tutorial : Creating Dynamic Dependent With Select2 Laravel Tutorial ~ Laravel Eloquent Relationships 1.Download Laravel composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel Blog 2.Generate Migration & Model open a command prompt and run the following command: php artisan make:model document -mAdd Database Credentials Next, Navigate to the root directory of the laravel application you downloaded and open the .env file.

Vapor: RDS Proxies Now Support MySQL 8.0

For existing MySQL 5.7 databases using RDS Proxies, you may upgrade your database to MySQL 8.0, and attach a new proxy to the upgraded database.RDS Proxies allow you to efficiently manage your database connections and allow many more connections than would typically be possible. And, starting today, you may use Vapor's managed RDS Proxies with MySQL 8.0 — the most recent MySQL version. We hope you enjoy this wonderful new addition to Laravel Vapor.At Laravel, we're committed to providing you with the most robust and developer friendly PHP experience in the world.

Database Freedom

by Doug Groene The Workshop: PHP from Virtual Machine to Compose By Joe Ferguson Containers are here to stay, and if you’ve been putting off learning how to migrate a PHP application from a VM to containers, we have you covered this month as we migrate a long-standing Laravel application from running on Linux via Apache and Eric Mann Artisan Way: Refactor to Enums in Laravel By Marian Pop You can create a custom type that is limited to one of a discrete number of potential values by using enumerations, sometimes known as “Enums.”By Doug Groene With custom Feeds Tamper plugins, you can easily build a set of reusable data manipulation tools to fit the quirks of your data and greatly simplify some Drupal migration and data import Chris Tankersley DDD Alley: Structure by Use Case By Edward Barnard This month we’re introducing the Strategic Domain-Driven Design pattern that we’ll be repeating over and over as we build out our project.Adding an extra authentication factor—like a smartphone—to the mix helps strengthen a login flow. MongoDB and PHP—A Perfect Match By Joel Lord Modern applications require modern Joe Ferguson Security Corner: Demystifying Multifactor Authentication By Eric Mann Authentication by way of a username and password is well understood.Writing code is the fun part of the job or hobby, and as developers, we love to type in some text, hit refresh, and see our changes.The intention of PHP-FIG’s HTTP Message Interface is exactly that, building structure around those requirements, so developers know what to expect and how to Edward Barnard Drupal Dab: Create a Custom Module in Drupal 9by Oscar Merida PSR Pickup: PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface By Frank Wallen This month we’ll be looking at PSR-7, the HTTP Message Interface.By Nicola Pignatelli This series of articles will teach you how to create a custom module and use its main features.Because it allows for “making incorrect states unrepresentable,” this is particularly useful when constructing a domain model.We look at a solution to a problem that is not intuitive at first glance—the birthday paradox.Instead of calculating probabilities directly, we’ll use a simple simulation to solve the problem.I had the pleasure of taking part in a developer group extended education and team-building meeting in June.It is a convenient and intuitive way to use data.Request messages come into the server, are processed, and content is constructed and packaged into a response message and then sent back to the requesting entity.

Database Freedom

We start off with two great feature articles, “Customizing Drupal Feeds For Smooth Migrations” by Doug Groene and “MongoDB and PHP—-A Perfect Match” by Joel Lord. And finally{}, Beth Tucker Long talks about the pitfalls behind the commonly used “Blind” talk selection process used by many conferences and user groups.This month John and Eric discuss some of the greater articles coming in the July 2022 release, “Database Freedom”.The Workshop will help improve our development environments with the article “PHP from Virtual Machine to Docker” by Joe Ferguson.If you’re a puzzle fan, check out this very counterintuitive PHP Puzzles column, “The Birthday Paradox” by Oscar Merida.

A vue3 data table component that supports server-side paginate and sort : laravel

Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Where should I host my Laravel Rest API? : laravel

I initially deployed it to Heroku since it's free but ClearDB offers only 5mb storage space for the MySQL database, which seems too small.I am also not sure about how large should my database be, since it will be necessary to upload images for various products, blog posts etc.

Eazy PHP HTML Table Generator: Output HTML to display tables from array data

[2, 'Nahid', 'CSE'], [3, 'Firoz', 'CSE'], [4, 'Jannat', 'BBA'], [5, 'Bijoy', 'CSE'] ]]; and for the change table attributes we assign values in $conf array $conf=['border'=>1,'width'=>200]; and finally we make the table by using $tbl->make($data, $conf); after using it, its look like this thats it to use it at first you have to include table.php file in your desire place require_once 'table.php'; after including the file you have to initialize the class $tbl=new Table; Then you are ready to use it. Details eazy-table A PHP library for making a table Now We define all data to the $data variable $data=[ 'header'=>['ID', 'Name', 'Department'], 'data'=>[ How to use Eazy Table is too easy to use. For making html table you have to use make() method >It takes two arrays as parameters to define the data contents of a table and table tag attributes, the header rows, and the data cells. - $data - is an array.The class can generate HTML to display that parameter data in a table.

PHP CRUD API Example: Example API to manipulate database table records

adriano123456 Performance Level Name: adriano123456 <contact> Classes: 3 packages by adriano123456 Country: Brazil Age: 34 All time rank: 3755 302 in Brazil Week rank: 3 1 in Brazil Level 1 It provides a service class and other classes that implement the basic operations to create, retrieve, update, delete records from an example database table.

PHP DB Connection PDO: Query SQL database with parameters from .env files

Currently, it can execute: - Arbitrary SQL queries - SELECT SQL queries and return the whole result set in an array - Check if the database server is accessible by executing a SELECT query that does not return useful results Mateodioev Performance Level Name: Mateodioev <contact> Classes: 8 packages by Mateodioev Country: Peru Age: ??? The package can also execute several types of SQL queries using prepared statements, and query parameter values passed using arrays. the alternative news website

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