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How to avoid stress while establishing a startup

Final thoughts A startup is a business project that is usually at the idea or development stage of an MVP – a minimally viable product that can satisfy some market needs.It should contain all the main parts of the future product: buttons; forms; color palette. The path to starting a startup Any company starts with an idea, which the startup will later improve and turn into its own product. From prototype to product An IT startup can move faster than manufacturing-related companies. When the team is assembled and work is underway on the first iterations, it is already necessary to look for prospective customers who could not only help the company with money at the pre-order stage but also give the entrepreneur feedback on the product. Photo by Thirdman on In this article, we will consider why people order design and development services for startups. Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS on Some people prefer to create a strict hierarchy from the very beginning. Photo by cottonbro on To be convinced of this, it is enough to turn around and pay attention to the world around us and its problems. On the contrary, it is necessary to constantly show each new iteration of the future product to potential users and customers. When a team is created, it is necessary to build relationships within it – the internal philosophy of the future company. Finally, the future entrepreneur himself may specialize in some area – logistics, finance, advertising – and he himself has a problem that needs to be solved. Then you need to polish the idea and create a minimum viable prototype, or MVP, that can be shown to potential partners. Some companies, on the contrary, build the most horizontal system, where programmers can know how things are going with potential customers, and salespeople receive information about all technical difficulties and a roadmap for solving them. Many aspiring entrepreneurs faced the problem of where to find an idea for a business. It is also necessary to constantly communicate with people, and find out what problems they have. However, the further the startup moves forward, the more important it is to attract new specialists. In the first stage, it is important who will become the co-founder of the company. Turning an idea into a prototype should not be a closed process. Once the MVP is ready, it also needs to be shown to potential clients.As some professionals say, a great team with a good idea is more likely to succeed than a good team with a great idea. How to find an idea? Where to look for people? If looking around, a novice entrepreneur does not see such a problem, this is not the time to despair. The idea is only half the battle. However, it does not have to be the actual final product. Company philosophyIf you are thinking about establishing a startup, but don’t have an idea, a team, or knowledge of how to manage it, cooperate with specialistsMany mistakes can be avoided if you conduct high-quality communication with customers and deeply understand the issues by conducting many problematic interviews with potential consumers of the product.Startups are often created based on the needs of people that no one has yet managed to satisfy, while small businesses reproduce current consumption patterns.Applications that help people with disabilities to be creative, a platform for teaching physics to applicants – the list of examples can be long.

How to Improve Efficiency and Productivity in Remote Teams

Conclusion Even though creative project management seems hard, it’s extremely fun and challenging if you think about it in a different way. There is plenty of information regarding creative project management, and we would like to share the ones that work the best, in our opinion. As a part of creative project management, we recommend building a working culture where anyone feels free to express their feelings, share emotions, and, of course, send appropriate emojis. Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA on For example, it’s hard to use Photoshop in the team since you have to send the files repeatedly to other people.Let the Team Be Their Own Managers While managing creative teams, you know that many employees can get distracted by others while working, i.e., kids, pets, other people at home, etc. Here are our top 5 creative project management tips that you can use for your team.Remote Setting One of the hardest parts of managing creative teams is to encourage people to commit to the corporate culture and share the mission, which is mostly easy to do when working offline.As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to use Photoshop or KeyNote to create storyboards for your ideas when you can use a cloud-based solution like Krock, where people can work in real-time on one project.As a part of your creative project management, you can offer your team different management techniques, software, and advice.As a part of creative project management, you can omit mundane tasks that make your team sad with the help of different software.People who work remotely must have the tools and software to work better.When talking to people online, people might feel different, as they don’t see the whole picture of how people express their ideas.When your workers think about creative solutions for others, you search for creative solutions for your team.There are some tips that might help you build a new setting as a part of the project management for creative teams.Communication Communication is essential when it comes to any work.Usually, when they get distracted, people lose track of their own time, which results not only in worse work but also in unsatisfactory personal feelings. Work flexible hours. Work smarter, not harder.Inspire your team so they share the company’s values, ask your team for coffee, if you are based in one city, etc.But the good news is that there are plenty of cloud-based solutions, like Krock, where you can work online efficiently.Make Collaboration Easy With that said, use a minimal amount of tools.Use one platform where you can keep all your stuff and let people work rather than look for particular items.

Goodbye I've got some important news: today marked my last day working at Spatie and I will start working at JetBrains in the PhpStorm team on Monday. If you'd ask me to describe my dream job, I would probably tell you it would focus on the PHP community, content creation and education; and this is everything my new job at JetBrains is focussed on. I'll of course miss my colleagues at Spatie — I spent almost 5 years with them — but I'm also ready and very excited about this new adventure; I'll keep you posted! Nothing much will change: I'll keep working on my blog and other personal projects in my free time; like I have been doing for the past years. I've written quite a lot of open source code at Spatie, and I'm happy to help maintain it. 👍 👍 👍 0Read more « back — written by Brent on March 25, 2022 # What about my blog, videos and newsletter?I actually didn't plan on leaving Spatie originally; I wasn't looking for a new job.

PhpStorm 2022.2 Beta

The links will take you to the EAP posts published over the last few months, which contain detailed descriptions of each feature: New features Improvements to generics Configuration Quality-of-life improvements New inspections Docker The full list of changes in this build is available in the release notes. Download PhpStorm 2022.2 Beta Your PhpStorm team The Drive to Develop

New Drupal Community Working Group Conflict Resolution Team member: JD Flynn

Based in Indiana, United States, JD has been a long time member of the Drupal community – for more than 7 years and has been one of the Community Working Group's mental health subject matter experts for more than 2 years. In the coming months, we anticipate adding additional new members to ensure the long-term health of the Conflict Resolution Team and its ability to effectively serve the Drupal community. One of the 2022 goals of the Conflict Resolution Team is to expand, both bringing in new perspectives and allowing veteran members to retire.As part of the onboarding process, JD will serve as a provisional member of the Conflict Resolution Team with limited access to previous issues as well as mentoring on current issues. The CWG is responsible for promoting and upholding the Drupal Code of Conduct and maintaining a friendly and welcoming community for the Drupal project.

Code of Conduct team update: July 13, 2022

Community Health Team members present at this week's meeting were We began the meeting with a review and updates related to our community outreach plans. A number of Drupal-related groups and individuals have confirmed their willingness to provide feedback to this effort as the process proceeds.If you, or a Drupal-related group, is interested in being part of this process, please let us know at drupal-cwg at drupal dot org. In an effort to continue familiarizing ourselves with other communities' Codes of Conduct, we decided that we'd ask our community members which Codes of Conduct they'd like us to review.As previously reported, the Community Health Team has started to have regular, bi-weekly meetings in an effort to develop and update the Code of Conduct (CoC) for the Drupal community.We also discussed some additional Drupal community groups we want to reach out to for this effort.After that, we'll draft a list of elements we feel should be included in our updated CoC. Finally, we set a goal for the completion of a new, revised, ready-to-adopt CoC: December 14, 2022.

TikTok Starts Layoffs in Company-Wide Restructuring

Another TikTok staffer says that the layoffs were focused on individuals and teams that managers believed were not contributing enough to the company, and claimed that the number of layoffs would be less than 100. One of TikTok’s earliest executive hires outside of China, David Ortiz, a veteran of Snap, announced on LinkedIn today that he was leaving the company because his role was being eliminated as part of “a much larger re-organization effort.” But on Monday morning, some employees based in Europe were informed that their jobs were at risk and told to expect invitations to meet with human resources staff in coming weeks, according to sources at the company. The restructuring announced internally today includes layoffs and the closing of some vacant roles, one staff member said, and affects TikTok’s businesses in the US, EU, and UK.Its rapid growth has seen the company reach milestones such as reaching 1 billion active users, drawing political scrutiny, and playing a central role in a war much more quickly than older social networks such as Facebook. TikTok joins the ranks of major tech companies and startups that have frozen hiring or made layoffs in recent weeks as fears of an economic downturn have taken hold. The short-form video app, owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance, has rapidly expanded both its user base and workforce in recent years."There are a small number of roles within the operations and marketing teams that shifted in focus, that can't be called a 'company-wide restructure,'" she said.One former TikTok employee who left the company earlier this year says the restructuring was probably related to the broader economic climate.“I don’t think what’s happening here with TikTok’s layoffs is any different to what’s going on in big tech,” the former employee says. A senior staff member with knowledge of the changes did not deny that a restructuring with job losses was taking place.“They’ve scaled at a rate we’ve never seen before,” says Brendan Gahan, partner and chief social officer at Mekanism, a New York marketing agency.The company recently abandoned plans to expand its live shopping platform TikTok Shop, seen as a major new revenue source, in the United States and Europe.“I can't imagine that a few layoffs is a sign of broader troubles or anything that’s going to slow their momentum.”

The Community Health Team welcomes new members

At the current time, we're especially looking for new members interested in the areas of: Community event support Oceania SMEs Asia SMEs Latin America SMEs If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining the team, please contact us at drupal-cwg (at) Community Health Team (CHT) of the Drupal Community Working Group is tasked with supporting community health by both providing periodic support to the Conflict Resolution Team in the form of subject matter experts (SMEs) and proactive initiatives (community event support, Code of Conduct contact trainings, tools for improving community communication, Code of Conduct updates). We are happy to welcome seven new members to the CHT: The CHT meets as a group every other month, while various subgroups meet on their own schedule or as necessary. The CHT is always looking for new members, contribution credits are always available for active involvement.

Laravel Developer - 100% Remote

technical speccing Our current tech stack PHP 8 Laravel 8 Vue.js 2 Tailwind 2 MySQL 5.7 What do you get (remuneration & benefits)? Reviewing colleagues' pull requests Documenting key architectural decisions Prioritising long-term thinking to solutions over short-term bandaids Contributing in Sprint Retros, Sprint Planning, & About You Collaborative: you are a real team player who is comfortable with asynchronous communication.Car & Classic is looking for a Laravel developer to join our growing team, work remotely, and contribute to building a world-class digital marketplace for our customers and help us transform and revolutionise the classic automotive transaction. Finally you don’t have to love cars to work here (and lots of our team don’t) but for those who do this is an incredible opportunity to combine your passion and professional lives – we look forward to hearing from you. Role and responsibilities Delivering high-quality, tested, PHP code About the role You'll be working within a small engineering team of ~18 developers that is always looking to improve. Forever learning: you should have a relentless focus on improvement and growth - driving our business to new heights every step of the way.We’re looking for a Laravel Developer that has strong yet relevant experience and wants to make their mark in a rapid-growth business where they can make a real difference, whilst enjoying the environment and culture. This role requires strong written & verbal communication skills, alongside extensive PHP knowledge. You are a driver, not a passenger: you’re curious about how things work and how we can improve, having the confidence to take the initiative.We’re lucky enough to have built the team from scratch with a focus on enjoying the day-to-day, diversity, inclusion and high performance.

Facebook puts news on the back burner as it continues to push video and creators

Facebook wants its feed to look more like TikTok This change in priority was independently confirmed by The Verge, while a spokesperson for Meta told the WSJ that the company is always assessing where to allocate resources, and that its teams “remain committed to the success of creators, and are doing even more to ensure they can find audiences on Facebook and grow engaged communities there.”In response, the company is trying to push more video content from creators into users’ feeds, and is now shifting resources away from more text-focused products like its News tab and Bulletin newsletter platform.In a blog post last year, one of the few hard stats the company offered on the size of Bulletin was that “half of the creators on Bulletin have over 1,000 free email subscribers, with many having more than 5,000 or 10,000” — small numbers considering Facebook’s mammoth size. Facebook Bulletin, meanwhile, launched last year as a rival to newsletter giant Substack, and the company attracted some big names for its launch, like best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell.In June, The Verge reported on changes Facebook planned to make to its main algorithm; turning users’ feeds into TikTok-lite by centering visual content from creators rather than friends’ updates.Brown said engineering and product teams at Meta-owned Facebook would, in future, spend less time on News and Bulletin to “heighten their focus on building a more robust Creator economy.” Facebook launched News in 2019, paying organizations like The New York Times and Washington Post to aggregate their content.

EA’s last FIFA game goes all in on women’s soccer

Today, the company unveiled the first trailer and gameplay details for FIFA 23, and, among other changes, the game includes the addition of women’s club teams from the top leagues in England and France. EA first introduced women’s international teams in the 2016 edition of FIFA, but the inclusion of club teams is still a big — and long overdue — change. Outside of adding more options for fans of women’s soccer, FIFA 23 also introduces cross-play functionality and what EA describes as “the next evolution of HyperMotion2 technology” for a more realistic gameplay experience.That said, with only two leagues, it’s still far behind the men’s portion of the experience; if you’re looking to play as some of the biggest clubs in the women’s game, like Bayern Munich, the Portland Thorns, or Champions League runners-up Barcelona, you’re out of luck.

It’s getting too hot to play the Steam Deck or Switch outside, makers warn

But as countries around the world have suffered through record-breaking heat waves in recent weeks, two major portable console makers are warning players that their products don't function well in ambient temperatures in excess of 35° C (95° F).The Steam Deck's internal APU starts scaling back performance when the chip itself hits a temperature of 100° C (212° F), and will shut down if it tops 105° C (221° F), Valve said.While Valve includes a built-in frame rate limiter to reduce overall power draw (and processor heat), playing with the system settings and/or game settings can help reduce that power draw in extreme conditions." Valve joined in with a public heat warning yesterday, tweeting a reminder that the Steam Deck "may start to throttle performance to protect itself" in high ambient temperatures. Nintendo of Japan led off the warnings last week, tweeting that "if you use the Nintendo Switch in a hot place, the temperature of the main unit may become high," according to a machine translation.Nintendo and Valve have long published support documentation citing 35° C as an upper limit for the "safe operational range" of their consoles (fun fact: Valve also doesn't recommend you use the Steam Deck at altitudes more than 3,500 meters above sea level). For the Steam Deck, on the other hand, thermal performance can depend heavily on how far the specific graphics and performance settings for a particular game push the processor.Still, it's notable that both companies felt the need to publicly reinforce these recommendations now, as temperatures exceed 40° C in the UK for the first time and heat-driven wildfires force evacuations across France, Spain, and Portugal."If the temperature of the main unit becomes too high, it may sleep automatically to protect the main unit."

Judge dismisses lawsuit over alleged “monopoly pricing” on PlayStation Store

" While Sony controls only a small portion of the overall market for downloadable console games (i.e., those on PlayStation consoles), Judge Seeborg noted that "a PlayStation user wishing to find a lower price for a digital game would have to look at the games for an entirely different console, necessitating another console purchase in the hundreds of dollars."In that case, "the Steam platform was free to users, and only the games cost money," Seeborg wrote, meaning that "unlike for PlayStation users, a Steam user could switch to a game on a different platform upon seeing a price differential between the Steam Store and another online digital game store."But while the lawsuit points out that Sony takes an 11.5 percent fee from physical retail game sales and a 30 percent fee from digital sales on PSN, the plaintiffs do "not state whether a royalty fee also applied to download code sales [at retailers].That decision was "specifically intended to and did eliminate price competition from other digital video game retailers," the lawsuit alleged, forcing players "to pay a higher price for digital PlayStation games than they would in a free and unrestrained competitive retail market." But in a ruling filed last week (as noted by Bloomberg Law), Northern California District Judge Richard Seeborg wrote that the class action plaintiffs didn't provide "sufficient factual detail" that Sony "voluntarily terminated a profitable practice" in removing the retail download codes. The lawsuit, originally filed last May , hinged on Sony's 2019 decision to stop allowing physical and online retailers from selling digital download codes for games on the PSN store (as Nintendo and Microsoft still allow)." "Although it seems almost certain that Sony gained some revenue through download codes, and Plaintiffs need not at this stage prove that the practice was profitable, Plaintiffs must at a minimum describe the process through which Sony earned money from the practice," Judge Seeborg wrote.While that argument ignores other non-monetary barriers to switching platforms (like Steam users' friends lists, prior unlocked achievements, in-game items, etc.), switching PC game platforms is indeed generally cheaper than switching console platforms. If the plaintiffs in the Sony case can provide specific new evidence of how Sony made money from retail download code sales, they have 30 days to file an amended complaint.


We Support Taking Risks We care deeply about fostering an environment where teammates feel safe taking risks—asking questions, offering new ideas, making mistakes—and bringing their full emotional selves to work.We have teammates across North America — from Vancouver to San Francisco to Dallas to Detroit to New York — who have the flexibility to work from home or the co-working space of their choice.The more these values sound like you—and describe people you want to work with—the more likely you’ll thrive at Aptible.We are a team of infrastructure security experts and platform engineers committed to making it easy to use any cloud infrastructure securely.We encourage each other to share our personal and work style preferences, and talk openly about the things we know to be true and unique about ourselves.Early on, we co-authored Our Values to clearly communicate how we work together as a team.

Don't use the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch in excessive heat, warn the makers

A follow-up tweet from the company clarified that the custom Zen 2/RDNA 2 'Aerith' AMD APU in the Steam Deck can handle its temperature reaching up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit).Why it matters: If you want another reason not to spend too much time out in the heatwave boiling much of the world, here it is: both Valve and Nintendo have warned owners of their respective handheld consoles not to use them in excessively hot temperatures as it could impact performance, result in an automatic shutdown, or even cause burns to the user.After this point, though, the chip will start to throttle performance, and once it hits 105 degrees Celsius (221 degrees Fahrenheit), the Steam Deck will shut down to protect the components from potential damage. A Nintendo support page notes that the Switch may become hot while charging or while operating, and these temperatures can get even higher in hot environments, potentially causing burns if a user's skin is in contact with it for a long time.Temperatures over 100 degrees have been recorded in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia—parts of the UK exceeded 100 degrees for the first time on record.Last week, Nintendo tweeted that using the Switch in a hot location could cause the unit's temperature to become high—it recommends using the handheld in areas where the temperature is between 40- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit.Yesterday, Valve tweeted that the Steam Deck performs at its best in ambient temperatures between 0° and 35° C, or 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.At 100°C, it will start to throttle performance, and at 105°C it will shut down. the alternative news website

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