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Add Comments to Correlate User Code with SQL Queries in Laravel

Out of the box, this package includes the following commenters: ControllerCommenter RouteCommenter, JobCommenter FileCommenter CurrentUserCommenter You can also add custom commenter classes using the provided Commenter interface from this package. 1 /* typical query */ 2 select * from users 3 4 /* comments added by this package */ 5 select * from "users" /*controller='UsersController',action='index'*/ ; Once this package is installed, SQL comments get automatically included, and you can control what things are added to the comments and disable comments dynamically. 1 use Spatie\SqlCommenter\SqlCommenter ; 2 3 SqlCommenter :: addComment ( 'foo' , 'bar' ); 4 5 // select * from "users"/*foo='bar'*/; This package has the concept of a "commenter" class, which add useful information to queries, such as the controller and route information.

A Package for Onboarding Users in Laravel Apps

addStep ( 'Complete Profile' ) 6 -> link ( '/profile' ) 7 -> cta ( 'Complete' ) 8 -> completeIf ( function ( User $user) { 9 return $user -> profile -> isComplete (); 10 }); 11 12 Onboard :: addStep ( 'Create Your First Post' ) 13 -> link ( '/post/create' ) 14 -> cta ( 'Create Post' ) 15 -> completeIf ( function ( User $user) { 16 return $user -> posts -> count () > 0 ; 17 }); To get a user's onboarding status—among other things—the package has a nice API for accessing things like percentage complete, in progress, finished, and details about individual steps: 1 /** @var \Spatie\Onboard\OnboardingManager $onboarding **/ 2 $onboarding = Auth :: user () -> onboarding (); 3 4 $onboarding -> inProgress (); 5 6 $onboarding -> percentageCompleted (); 7 8 $onboarding -> finished (); 9 10 $onboarding -> steps () -> each ( function ($step) { 11 $step -> title; 12 $step -> cta; 13 $step -> link; 14 $step -> complete (); 15 $step -> incomplete (); 16 }); Additionally, this package supports features such as: Conditionally excluding steps with custom logic Defining custom attributes on a step Use middleware to ensure a user completes onboarding before they are allowed to use certain features And more You can get started with this package by checking it out on GitHub at spatie/[email protected] did some good work polishing it ✍️ Blogpost: — Freek Van der Herten 🔭 (@freekmurze) June 21, 2022 Here's a quick example taken from the project readme on using this package to create onboarding steps: 1 use App\User ; 2 use Spatie\Onboard\Facades\Onboard ; 3 4 // You can add onboarding steps in a `boot()` method within a service provider 5 Onboard ::

Validate Your App on the Frontend With Laravel Dry Run Requests

You can start using this validation package by either adding a DryRunnable trait to a form request or using $request->validate() directly: 1 class StoreUserRequest extends FormRequest 2 { 3 use DryRunnable ; 4 5 public function rules () : array 6 { 7 return [ 8 'email' =>[ 'required' , 'string' , 'min:2' , 'max:255' , 'unique:users' ], 10 'nickname' => [ 'nullable' , 'string' , 'min:2' , 'max:255' ], 11 ]; 12 } 13 } On the frontend, you need to send the X-Dry-Run header to validate form input before submitting the whole form:Using this package, you can hit the endpoint users are using to enter a form and get real-time feedback with 100% validation accuracy: The way it works under the hood is that it runs validation logic for a controller but skips the controller action.then ( response => response.status); To learn more about all the features in this package, including Inertia.js support and advanced features, check out the laravel-dry-requests package on GitHub.The Laravel Dry Requests package checks if your requests would pass validation if you executed them ( 3 '/users' , 4 { username: 'Agent007' }, 5 { headers: { 'X-Dry-Run' : true } } 6 ) 7 .

"It's your fault"

Using a proper type system (as strict as possible) Not allowing classes to be extended, unless it's by design, final by default by default Not allowing state to be writeable from the outside, unless it's by design, readonly by default by default Only adding methods to your public API that actually should be publicly accessible, private by default by default Using explicit, clear names everywhere Programming to an interface instead of an implementation « back — written by Brent on January 15, 2022 "It's your fault" I read an intriguing blog post yesterday." I think it's better software design, for vendors and users alike, to make our code as explicit and robust as possible, with as little room for interpretation and uncertainty as possible. And: As a sometimes systems-programmer myself, I'm dismayed that it took until just a couple of comments ago before somebody pointed out that it was ALSO a dumb thing to stick in a do-nothing function call and then assume people would call it by contract. It's better software design, for vendors and users alike, to make our code as explicit and robust as possible, with as little room for interpretation and uncertainty. There were a couple of commentators calling out Microsoft though: Why not instead design the API such that the programmer cannot fail to use it correctly and still have their program compile? To me, it's not a matter of distrust, it's about writing code that's clear about what it does, without having to dig through a set of rules written in the docs somewhere far away from your IDE. There was a whole debate in the comment section on whether Microsoft or the developers — the users of Microsoft's code — messed up. Looking at it from the user perspective though, this mindset is suboptimal as well: if the code itself isn't clear on how it should be used, there's a level of uncertainty introduced in the user's mind. There's only very little code around these days that doesn't need extra explanation, and I think we can do better than that. Or, how I like to phrase it: some of the most crappy software design possible.Read more Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster.Well… it's actually still very common to write code that's going to be used by others, and assume those users will know how to use that code responsibly. If the documentation says that you have to call a function, then you have to call it. There used to be a function in Windows Kernel that didn't do anything. But ok, this was 2008 and we've learned to do better now, haven't we? In my opinion, these are some sensible arguments. In my opinion, that means: The article summarises it as follows:

How Can PHP Add IPtables Rule to Block an IP Segment Using the Tor Geoip Tools: Generate IPTables rules to block the range of a IP

It can find the IP range segment of a given IP address by looking up at a GeoIP database in CSV format generated by the Tor project geoip-db-tool command. The class can output commands with parameters to use the iptables program to block the IP range segment.

PHP Telegram Bot LoL Party: Send party invitations to other Telegram users

It extends the base Telegram bot class that can interact with a user to let him participate in a party.Then it asks to invite another Telegram user that he knows so that user can also participate in a chat party.

Laravel 9 CRUD Example: Example of CRUD application using Laravel 9

The applications can create, update, delete and read database table records that store information of each post published by the application using a Post controller class.

PHP Telegram Bot API Package: Build a bot that can interact with Telegram users

'path/to/vendor/autoload.php'; Api Make request to telegram api use Mateodioev\Bots\Telegram\Api; $api = new Api($bot_token, $endpoint); $api->request('methodName', $params=[]); $enpoint Is optional parameter, can be telegram bot api url or custom bot api Core Add magic methods __call and __callStatic use Mateodioev\Bots\Telegram\Core; $core = new Core($bot_token); // $core->sendMessage($params); If you want to use static methods you need some env vars $_ENV['BOT_TOKEN']; // Bot token $_ENV['BOT_API_LINK']; // (optional) Telegram bot api link or custom server Inline Methods to create results to answer inline query use Mateodioev\Bots\Telegram\{Inline, Methods}; $methods = new Methods($token); $inline = new Inline; $result = $methods->answerInlineQuery($inline_id, [ // $inline->Article([ 'title' => 'The world ends in 2030!!', 'input_message_content' => $inline->InputMessageContent('This is fake news...'), ]), $inline->Article([ 'title' => 'How to create fake news?', 'input_message_content' =>$inline->InputMessageContent("Too easy ..."), 'reply_markup' => (string) Buttons::create()->addCeil(['text' => 'learn more here', 'url' => '']) ]) ]); Methods Default methods use Mateodioev\Bots\Telegram\Methods; $methods = new Methods($token); $methods->method_name($params); Buttons Create keyboards use Mateodioev\Bots\Telegram\Buttons; $button = Buttons::create()Currently, it can: - Send generic Telegram API requests - Define text patterns that the bot will be able to detect to trigger specific response messages - Define keyboard buttons that can appear to respond to specific telegram messages that the users can send - Log chatbot messages Details Telegram bot api Install composer require mateodioev/tgbot git clone First step require __DIR__ .Return JSON object string TelegramLogger Activate php log and send to telegram channel

PHP Captcha Image Generator: Generate image to validate real users with CAPTCHA

The class generates an image with random text on top of a background image and stores the image file in a given directory. It returns an array with the path of the generated image and the text that appears on the image.All time rank: 3676 13 in Peru Week rank: 1 Level 1 Innovation award Nominee: 2x

Significantly Improve the Search Speed of Drupal 9 & 10 – DinoTechno

Database of Search API module Although the provided statistics are not 100% accurate and can be different on different servers and websites with different numbers of articles, this module can hugely increase the search speed of any Drupal website that needs a faster search function without going through the difficulties of installing and comigrating superior modules like Search API Solr and similar alternatives. Introducing the Search API Module to Increase Search Speed Search API is the best easy to use module for customizing search function of Drupal effortlessly. Customizing Search Results Using Search API Module With the help of the Search API module, you can quickly and simply create searches on any entity in Drupal. Before installing the Search API module, the search took about 9 seconds for each query, and after installing the Search API module, this time has decreased to less than 1 second. The only downside of the Search API module is not being able to provide full-text indexing and searching, but if you are not required to provide full-text search to your visitors, this module is the way to go. The Experiment With Search API Module An experiment has been done to test the efficacy of this module in improving the search speed of Drupal sites.First of all, it needs much more database space for saving the index and second of all, it has lower search speed in most cases unless you use third-party modules and services which provide very high-speed search functions like Search API, Solr, Elasticsearch or other alternatives.For instance, using this module, admin can let users search by relevance, data or let visitors run a search consisting of all, none, or anyof the queries to get better search results based on their interest.Since it comes with built-in faceting support and the option to utilize the Views module to show search results, filters, and other search-related information, it is a fantastic alternative to other search solutions for site managers. While those kinds of modules provide very high-speed searching, they need to be configured with your server, which is not available for beginner users and requires deep knowledge of PHP, Drupal, and server configuration, or you can bypass it by paying money and using hosted search services, which are not free.If you use the default search function, which is available in Drupal core, while the number of published articles on your Drupal sites increases, you will notice a slower search function.

Netflix subscriber count in the US and Canada dropped by 1.3 million over the last three months

Netflix is working toward finding an “easy-to-use paid sharing offering” that it aims to launch in 2023 An ad-supported tier is just one of the avenues Netflix is exploring to counteract a dip in subscribers; it’s also part of the company’s efforts to hang onto the ones it already has.After Netflix reported losing subscribers for the first time in over a decade last quarter, the company’s Q2 earnings report revealed the number of worldwide subscribers dipped by 1 million, including a drop of 1.28 million in the US and Canada alone between the end of March and the end of June.Netflix execs remain optimistic about the prospect of an ad-supported tier, noting that “over the long run, we think advertising can enable substantial incremental membership (through lower prices) and profit growth (through ad revenues).”Last quarter, Paramount Plus’ subscriber count grew to almost 40 million, HBO and HBO Max added an additional 13 million subscribers, and Disney Plus also gained 8 million new users. Netflix execs state that they’re working toward finding an “easy-to-use paid sharing offering” that it aims to launch in 2023.During an earnings call, Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s co-CEO and chief content officer stated that the company “will clear some content, but certainly not all of it” by the time the new tier launches.Netflix expanded its efforts to crack down on password sharing this week and began letting users in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic buy an additional “home” located outside the primary household where they can use Netflix on all devices. This comes nearly a week after Netflix announced a partnership with Microsoft on its cheaper ad-supported tier that it expects to launch by early next year.Disney Plus already has plans in place to launch an ad-supported tier later this year and will also utilize livestreaming for certain series like Dancing With the Stars — something Netflix is currently in the middle of testing. Revenue increased 9 percent year over year from $7.3 billion in 2021 to $7.97 billion this quarter.Netflix now reports it has 73.28 million paid subscribers in the US and Canada and 220.67 million worldwide.But Netflix wants to lock in unpaying subscribers as well, and it partially blamed password sharing for its initial decline in subscribers last quarter.The Netflix executives write, “Our hope is to create a better-than-linear-TV advertisement model that’s more seamless and relevant for consumers, and more effective for our advertising partners.”

Web Highlighter — Annotate and discuss web pages in real time

Downside: Developers have mentioned about a real-time Chat feature between users that can be accessed by pressing the ‘/’ key. Verdict: Web Highlighter is a great tool for annotating and commenting on content present in webpages including software code. Features: Annotate and comment on selected content in webpages and share it with others using a URL.Select the text that you wish to comment on and click on ‘Comment’. Click here to access Web Highlighter and start annotating and commenting on webpages. How it Works: 1.Type the text of the comment in the popup box and click ‘Ok’.To reply, click on any of the Comments, type your Reply and click ‘Ok’.Editor Ratings: User Ratings: Web Highlighter is a Free Online Tool that lets you Convert any Website into a forum where you can annotate and discuss its content in real time.Once you highlight and comment on any content, others can chip in with their replies thereby leading to a collaborative work that resembles a discussion thread on a particular topic.Users with whom you have shared the page can view the selected content and reply to your comments.It’s also a great tool for developers too, as they could use it effectively to highlight and comment on code blocks in GitHub pages. Generally speaking, web browsing is an individual activity that sometimes tends to get boring.Visitors themselves can select a new block of text on the shared URL and type a new comment.All the highlights, comments etc. that users make are updated instantly in real time like a quick collaboration tool. This is exactly where Web Highlighter comes handy.It is a blessing when it comes to annotating text in books, educational content, blogs, research papers and more.Software developers can use this tool effectively to discuss about their Code quality, issues and more, with other colleagues and team members.It renders your page into an instant forum where users can get together and discuss in a collaborative way.

3 Drupal modules that every Australian university needs

Backfill Formatter in action: a client case study University of Queensland's Bachelor of Business Management - Explore other programs The University of Queensland (UQ) uses Backfill Formatter to suggest related content such as similar courses and associated news articles in their course information. Content Hierarchy in action: a client case study Charles Darwin University's Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods Charles Darwin University (CDU) supported the extension of Entity Hierarchy's functionality further to create microsites within their CMS. Increased pressure and focus on their digital presence The need to attract more international students So, which modules do we recommend our higher education clients use to address these problems? Content Hierarchy The Entity Hierarchy module makes it easier for editors to use and organise content, creating more straightforward navigation for users. Resource recommendations The Backfill Formatter module automatically suggests recommended content to users based on its similarity to other content. Technical Insights University site IA is typically modelled in a content hierarchy and presented to the user with components like a sidebar menu. Layout Builder in action: a client case study University of Queensland's Future Students content hub Technical Insights This approach can be rolled out in stages across individual content types even after a site is launched using an alternative editorial system such as Paragraphs. Vast amounts of content and digital real estate A highly competitive environment Technical Insights Each instance of the formatter can be configured to nominate which vocabularies should be used to determine the most related content. Helping small teams do more with less In the quest for more extraordinary user experiences, our clients need straightforward solutions that overcome barriers to managing their typically large and numerous websites. These unis experience similar problems: Small digital teams with lean budgets 14 July 2022 by griffyn.heels We work with several leading Australian universities that use Drupal to engage and attract current and prospective students. Layout Builder Layout Builder is our most frequently recommended module for universities. This automation saves content editors time and ensures there's always a next step laid out for users in their content journey. It's not unusual for universities to own over 20,000 individual pieces of content or 'nodes', including pages, blog posts, course listings and event pages. For a more targeted experience, users can change seamlessly between domestic and international content based on their student type. UQ content admins can control these recommendations either fully or partially, with the CMS populating the remaining available space. We developed reusable components for the University of Queensland (UQ) content and marketing teams.

Greg Dunlap talks pinball, Core Initiatives, and the future of Drupal

From there, she moved on to working as a professional technical writer, spending seven years at Acquia, working with nearly every product offering.She comes from a technical support background, from front-line to developer liaison, giving her a strong understanding of the user experience.Lynette Miles Principal Technical Writer Lynette has been part of the Drupal community since Drupalcon Brussels in 2006.

The new Instagram map is like Google Maps but with more selfies

The new Instagram map supports searches and filters, allowing users to look up restaurants, attractions and other hot spots directly in the app, rather than simply viewing where a photo was posted. Using location stickers on posts and Stories will add that content to the search results on the new map, as long as your profile is public. The map supports hashtag searches and offers the ability to explore by tapping tagged locations in the feed or Stories.The updated map also features posts, stories and guides tagged by users, offering a glimpse into the local scene wherever you search.Visually, the map features Instagram icons where the attractions are, allowing searchers to tap and see Stories or visit the profile pages of businesses they find interesting. the alternative news website

This is an app that can be used by anyone, without any cost. It is an artificial intelligence assistant that will read news for you and provide you with relevant information while generating revenue.