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Goodbye I've got some important news: today marked my last day working at Spatie and I will start working at JetBrains in the PhpStorm team on Monday. If you'd ask me to describe my dream job, I would probably tell you it would focus on the PHP community, content creation and education; and this is everything my new job at JetBrains is focussed on. I'll of course miss my colleagues at Spatie — I spent almost 5 years with them — but I'm also ready and very excited about this new adventure; I'll keep you posted! Nothing much will change: I'll keep working on my blog and other personal projects in my free time; like I have been doing for the past years. I've written quite a lot of open source code at Spatie, and I'm happy to help maintain it. 👍 👍 👍 0Read more « back — written by Brent on March 25, 2022 # What about my blog, videos and newsletter?I actually didn't plan on leaving Spatie originally; I wasn't looking for a new job.

PHP in 2021 (video)

And just to name a few features that have been added recently: Enums The match operator Named arguments Typed and readonly properties FFI which stands for foreign function interface and allows cross-language communication Property promotion Fibers — also known as green threads or coroutines Null coalescing Array spreading The JIT — a just-in-time compiler Preloading And Attributes — also known as annotations for better meta programming And these are just my favourites, there’s much more. Symfony Laravel Packgist Zend and Craft; just to name a few. « back — written by Brent on January 24, 2022 PHP in 2021 (video) Back in December, I made this video looking back on PHP in 2021.They are backed by companies like Jetbrains Automattic (that’s the company behind wordpress) Besides the language itself — which I can assure you is stable and very much alive — PHP has a large and active community. There’s also the async community — don’t be mistaken: PHP can perfectly run asynchronously like for example you’d do with node. Next there are the immensely popular web frameworks live Symfony and Laravel, and CMSs like WordPress and Craft. Finally, when it comes to the language itself: just recently the PHP foundation was announced.Read more Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster. It’s the end of 2021 and I still hear some people say they think PHP is dead. Finally, PHP is just a fun language to work with. Let’s start with the language itself.On top of that, static analysis has grown in popularity over the years, allowing for generics, closure definitions and quite a lot more; and we see more and more people and projects adopting static analysis tools like Psalm and PHPStan.There’s Swoole and RoadRunner which are low-level components that optimize PHP’s runtime for asynchronous programming, but there also are high-level packages that you can plug into any project: packages like Amp and ReactPHP.You can watch it (make sure to like and subscribe if you liked it), or you can read the transcript here if you don't like watching videos.

Generics in PHP (video)

Now, PhpStorm, and other static analysers; are smart enough to detect — or infer the type of the input that's passed to this function — that's the name of the attribute we want to filter on — and use that type as the generic type for our attributes class, when we return it. I looked at quite a lot of them, and by far, the most popular convention — I think that's thanks to Java — is to use a single letter for generic types; so T, or E or V or K or U — those are some of the popular choices. class Attributes { public function first () : mixed { } } Here we have our attribute class, with a generic AttributeType , and that's the type that's returned by the first method, in this example. class Attributes { public function instanceOf ( string $className) : self { } } Here we have our instanceOf method, and you can see it defines another generic type, it's called InstanceOfType . Here we have a kind of "attribute query" class: a class that can filter and instantiate attributes: $routeAttributes =Read more « back — written by Brent on November 06, 2021 Generics in PHP (video)And it does in fact work with quite a lot of cases, PhpStorm can tell us — in real time, while coding — what kind of generic type we're dealing with. You might need to read this example a few times before getting it, but it essentially allows us to create classes like this attribute query class where the end user still has lots of information available to them while using this package. I made a poll on Twitter, and was surprised that so many people — more than 50% — prefered the single letter approach. Another convention that I've seen around — especially in the Psalm and PHPStan's documentation is to prefix the generic name with an uppercase letter T. I used AttributeType and InstanceOfType as the generic type placeholders, but that's kind of not the convention in most programming languages. I made this video about generics last week, you can watch it (make sure to like and subscribe if you liked it), or you can read the transcript here if you don't like watching videos. So yeah, these are the kinds of details I'm thinking about, because I feel like they genuinely affect the readability of my code, and code of others that I need to work in.BUT there is proper support for generics using docblocks; both by static analysers like PHPStan and Psalm, but also — and this is a big one — by PhpStorm. Now, after running this query here, I want my IDE to know, in real time, that I have an instance of the Route attribute here. Anyway; I'll probably stick with what feels best for me and what I think is the most readably; but do share your opinions in the comments or on reddit or twitter wherever you're watching this; maybe someone is able to change my mind; or maybe I just changed yours? If you have no clue what I'm talking about right now, I would suggest doing some reading on my blog — I've added some useful links in the description for you.That's terrible for code readability — especially if you're working with multiple generic types within the same context.instanceOf ( Route ::class) -> first (); It provides a slightly cleaner API compared to straight up using PHP's built-in reflection classes. And I don't know about you, but I find that this makes my code so much harder to read. I need to mention though that PhpStorm doesn't support that yet, but I hope that they'll change it after seeing this video. So, what I would like to know: what's your opinion? You see, only a few months ago, PhpStorm added basic support for generics using docblocks.

This Band Wrote the Best Legend of Zelda Song of 2022

One of their best tracks, 2019’s “DIRT,” is built around a piercingly plonking guitar riff and the phrase “And there is dirt and there is juice / and I am mixing up the two.”“I don’t know a lot of music theory,” Giannopoulos says, “but I do know a lot of pop culture stuff.There’s also an Instagram account that Giannopoulos loves that posts songs from “really weird and rare Japanese video games from the ’90s, lots of cool crazy acid house stuff or rave-ish music, and some of them are insanely good,” Giannopoulos says. They both grew up in Boston and reminisce fondly about “split-screen hangs,” days playing games like Goldeneye in friends’ basements and living rooms. In a recent interview with The Fader’s Jordan Darville, the band’s frontman, Dimitri Giannopoulos, explained the album’s title track by saying: “The tone of the guitar always reminds me of playing The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.”“My childhood playing video games did maybe start my music career,” he says.Beaming just at the thought, he paraphrases: “Guy hired to write score for swimming gorilla accidentally writes best ambient album of all time.”Giannopoulos says it wasn’t one of the mallpunk songs that THPS is best known for but AC/DC’s “TNT,” off THPS4, that he loved so much he made his mom take him to the CD store to buy High Voltage.“They’re huge mood changers,” Margaris says, intentionally or not, echoing what his band does so well.“Without AC/DC’s High Voltage I wouldn’t have gotten into rock ‘n’ roll.”The score writers were “using such limited technology, it’s insane what they were able to do.”Straight up I’ll be like, ‘John, do a bass line that sounds like’ [insert something from their youth].”Sums up Margalis: “They’re wicked bizarre.”Horse Jumper of Love is a rock band from Boston that makes the kind of music you might want playing in your hyperbaric chamber if you were stuck in there for a while and really wanted to lean into the experience.“You don’t realize you’re listening to almost fusion-y kind of music.Being able to listen to something over and over and not get bored—that was a new experience.”

YouTube makes it easier for creators to sell merch to fans

You'll see the enhanced shopping from eligible creators — that is, they need to have at least 10,000 subscribers (or an official artist channel), monetization, a focus on non-child content and a largely spotless policy violation record.The internet giant now lets creators link their Shopify stores, making it easier to snag merch.That, in turn, might spur creators to build up a large-enough audience that they can share a storefront and boost their bottom line.Even so, the company is clearly hoping that the seamless experience will encourage you to shop through video pages.This might also help YouTube fend off competition from Instagram and others that already help you shop through social media posts.

Xdebug Update: March 2022 — Derick Rethans

London, UK In this monthly update I explain what happened with Xdebug development in this past month.Ranging from a crash during debugging of closures with static properties, support for showing ArrayObject elements while debugging, improvements to code coverage, and bugs with Xdebug's step-debugger triggering mechanism.I have not figured out how to do it will all different set-ups, so if you have extra information, or if I am still missing set-ups, feel free to comment on the Google Doc.I spend a considerable amount of time cataloguing the different set-ups that developers use, and how to configure Xdebug's debugger. Xdebug Recorder I have been making steady progress with a first version, which can now play back recording information and display it in the likeness of an Xdebug trace file. Xdebug Videos I have published no new videos this month. Development Most of my time in March was spent on investigating and fixing bugs. Patreon and GitHub supporters will get it earlier, around the first of each month. In March, I spend 39 hours on Xdebug, with 25 hours funded. Xdebug Cloud Xdebug Cloud is the Proxy As A Service platform to allow for debugging in more scenarios, where it is hard, or impossible, to have Xdebug make a connection to the IDE.If you want to be kept up to date with Xdebug Cloud, please sign up to the mailinglist, which I will use to send out an update not more than once a month.In the more complicated set-ups, perhaps it would be easier to use Xdebug Cloud as it has none of these networking complications. You can become a patron or support me through GitHub Sponsors.These are normally published on the first Tuesday on or after the 5th of each month.

Xdebug Update: January 2022 — Derick Rethans

London, UK In this monthly update I explain what happened with Xdebug development in this past month. 2022 Plans I spend most of my time reflecting on what I can do to make Xdebug even better in 2022, and I have come to the conclusion that this is going to be done through multiple improvements. Xdebug Videos I did not create any new Xdebug videos this month on my YouTube channel.Combined with a player, which would allow for replaying the request and interrogating every variable at every point during the execution of said script, through the debugging protocol and interacting with your IDE. Xdebug Cloud Xdebug Cloud is the Proxy As A Service platform to allow for debugging in more scenarios, where it is hard, or impossible, to have Xdebug make a connection to the IDE.In addition to this I am looking at sending the profiling data over the debugging protocol, so that visualisation tools do not need to find and read files. Patreon and GitHub supporters will get it earlier, around the first of each month.Creating a profile analysis tool: To automatically analyse profiling files and apply logic so that it can point to the most likely cause of bottlenecks.Creating an Xdebug Course: explaining in great detail how Xdebug works, how you use it, how you can get the most out of it, and many scenarios on how to set-up debugging in different environments.If you want to be kept up to date with Xdebug Cloud, please sign up to the mailinglist, which I will use to send out an update not more than once a month. In January, I spend my time triaging issues, and planning for this year.Developing an set-up-free debugger: A new tool that can be used through Xdebug Cloud, that would allow you to debug without IDE.A new feature in Xdebug which would allow for a full request to be stored in a file, including every intermediate state.This needs to go beyond referential documentation pages, and will hence become a combined set of videos and tutorials, with examples and work-along exercises.I am currently 45% towards my $2,500 per month goal.

Facebook puts news on the back burner as it continues to push video and creators

Facebook wants its feed to look more like TikTok This change in priority was independently confirmed by The Verge, while a spokesperson for Meta told the WSJ that the company is always assessing where to allocate resources, and that its teams “remain committed to the success of creators, and are doing even more to ensure they can find audiences on Facebook and grow engaged communities there.”In response, the company is trying to push more video content from creators into users’ feeds, and is now shifting resources away from more text-focused products like its News tab and Bulletin newsletter platform.In a blog post last year, one of the few hard stats the company offered on the size of Bulletin was that “half of the creators on Bulletin have over 1,000 free email subscribers, with many having more than 5,000 or 10,000” — small numbers considering Facebook’s mammoth size. Facebook Bulletin, meanwhile, launched last year as a rival to newsletter giant Substack, and the company attracted some big names for its launch, like best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell.In June, The Verge reported on changes Facebook planned to make to its main algorithm; turning users’ feeds into TikTok-lite by centering visual content from creators rather than friends’ updates.Brown said engineering and product teams at Meta-owned Facebook would, in future, spend less time on News and Bulletin to “heighten their focus on building a more robust Creator economy.” Facebook launched News in 2019, paying organizations like The New York Times and Washington Post to aggregate their content.

How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Webcam

Ways to Use Your Phone as a Webcam You can use a videoconferencing app on your phone if you just need to sit in a meeting and chime in now and then, but you'll need a better system if you're presenting and have to share your screen. Table of Contents No PC Required Windows PC Users Mac Users Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-Year Subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off). How to Use Any Phone as a Webcam for a Windows PC If you're on a PC running Windows and you use an Android phone or iPhone, one of the easiest (and wireless) methods is to use an app called DroidCam. How to Video Call With Just Your Phone Before trying to convert your smartphone into a webcam for your computer, it might be obvious to just try using your smartphone to run a video meeting by itself. DroidCam is free, but it hides a few features like better video quality, contrast and sharpness tools, and more in its DroidCamX app on Android, which also gets rid of ads on the app. General tip: Make sure your preferred videoconferencing app is closed when you're installing a webcam client on your desktop PC or laptop. We also have a guide on how to to use a mirrorless camera or action cam as a webcam replacement, and a number of picks in our Best Webcams guide. Whether you do this or follow our methods below, invest in a small tripod to prop your phone up so you don't have to balance it against a pile of books.All you need to do is install the app, log in, and use your phone's selfie camera and microphone to be a part of the meeting.The Joby GripTight is a popular and affordable tripod with legs that can contort to stay stable on almost any surface, though a height-adjustable tripod like this might be a better pick. If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission.That's where it could help to convert your smartphone into a webcam if you don't have one for your desktop, or if the one in your laptop isn't working (or sits at a strange angle). Updated March 2021:

Russia fines Google $370M for refusing to bend to Putin’s war propaganda

This week, Russian regulator Roskomnadzor announced that a Russian court ordered the tech giant to pay its steepest fine yet since the Ukraine war started, citing Google’s “repeated failure” to remove “prohibited content” deemed “fake.”Earlier this year, he sought to expand legal repercussions against anything he deemed “fake news” by establishing a new Russian law that made any “public dissemination of deliberately false information” about the military that causes “serious consequence” punishable by imprisonment up to 15 years. Mohan said the overwhelming majority of videos removed were “coming from Russian government, or Russian actors on behalf of the Russian government,” and referred to the invasion of Ukraine as a “liberation mission” rather than an act of violence or war.These include “coercive measures” designed to put pressure on Google to comply with laws, including labels on YouTube videos to inform Internet users about violations of Russian law, and a “ban on distributing advertising of the corporation.” “We have a major violent events policy and that applies to things like denial of major violent events: everything from the Holocaust to Sandy Hook,” Mohan told the Guardian.Roskomnadzor warned Google last month that it would be fined 5 to 10 percent of its annual turnover, but TechCrunch estimates that ultimately “the new fine would be around 15 percent of the company’s annual turnover.”The private nonprofit RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty, which strives to deliver news in countries where free press is restricted, reported that “Roskomnadzor ordered media across the country to publish only information about the war in Ukraine provided by official sources.”Previously, in December 2021, Russia ordered Google to pay a $98 million fine—which Reuters reported was “the first revenue-based fine of its kind in Russia.” Advertisement Resisting propaganda on YouTube Google's repeated failure to remove content is part of the company's continued resistance to turn YouTube into a Russian propaganda tool. The latest court order also issued additional penalties for Google’s “systematic violations of Russian law.” Earlier this year, YouTube removed more than 9,000 channels relating to the Russia-Ukraine war—just not the videos that Russia wanted gone. That "unprecedented action" specifically went against Putin's directive to only publish media in Russia from official sources discussing the Ukraine war.At that time, YouTube’s chief product officer, Neal Mohan, told the Guardian that it removed more than 70,000 videos from the platform, including suspending channels hosted by pro-Kremlin journalist Vladimir Solovyov and multiple channels associated with Russia’s Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs because they violated YouTube policy. Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on a possible appeal, but the company knew a fine was coming.Failing to acknowledge a major violent event broke a YouTube policy established in 2019 that is designed to stop hate speech and originally was prompted to prevent Holocaust-denial videos from being posted.

Deepfakes are taking over TikTok — here’s how you can spot them

But they’re also available for misuse At the same time, deepfake technology is thought to present several social problems such as: Deepfakes are being used as “proof” for other fake news and disinformation. How to detect a deepfake One of the best remedies against harmful deepfakes is for users to equip themselves with as many detection skills as they can. A growing concern The creators of deepfakes stress the amount of time and effort it takes to make these videos look realistic. Beyond this, deepfakes are also used in identity fraud and scams, particularly in the form of video messages from a trusted “colleague” or “relative” requesting a money transfer. Article by Rob Cover, Professor of Digital Communication, RMIT University This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Varying roles The manipulation of text, images, and footage has long been a bedrock of interactivity. In Australia, deepfake apps have even allowed perpetrators to circumvent “revenge porn” laws – an issue expected to soon become more severe. Context is also important: Ask yourself what the figure is saying or doing. Run any suspicious videos featuring a “colleague” or “relative” by that individual directly. Deepfakes are videos in which a subject’s face or body has been digitally altered to make them look like someone else – usually a famous person. As more deepfake apps are developed, we can expect lesser-skilled people to increasingly produce authentic-looking deepfakes. Although deepfakes are often used creatively or for fun, they’re increasingly being deployed in disinformation campaigns, for identity fraud, and to discredit public figures and celebrities. One notable example is the @deeptomcriuse TikTok account, which has posted dozens of deepfake videos impersonating Tom Cruise and attracted some 3.6 million followers.You can: Search for keywords used in the video to see if there’s a public transcript of what’s being said – outlets often cover quotes by high-profile politicians and celebrities within 72 hours. Usually, the first sign of a deepfake is that something will feel “off”. In 2019, Facebook came in for criticism for failing to remove a doctored video of American politician Nancy Pelosi, after it fell short of its definition of a deepfake. Deepfake technology can also enable authentic-looking resurrections of deceased actors and historical re-enactments. One of the world’s most popular social media platforms, TikTok, is now host to a steady stream of deepfake videos. Legislation, regulation and detection software are struggling to keep up with advances in deepfake technology. Search online for keywords about the video, or the person in it, as many suspicious deepfakes will have already been debunked. Deepfakes are being used to discredit celebrities and others whose livelihood depends on sharing content while maintaining a reputation. In Australia, lawyers at the NSW firm Ashurst have said existing copyright and defamation laws could fall short of protecting Australians against deepfakes. But even if these are well-meaning policies, it’s unlikely platform moderators will be able to react to reports and remove deepfakes fast enough. One thing is for sure – deepfakes are here to stay. And while the technology needed to make them is sophisticated, it’s becoming increasingly accessible, leaving detection software and regulation lagging behind. In 2020, Twitter banned the sharing of synthetic media that may deceive, confuse or harm people (except where a label is applied).If so, look more closely at the subject’s face and ask yourself: Is the face too smooth, or are there unusual cheekbone shadows? But there’s good evidence deepfakes are becoming easier to make. People’s faces are being used in deepfake pornography. Finally, if you do manage to spot a deepfake, don’t keep it to yourself. Difficulties providing verifiable footage for political communication, health messaging, and electoral campaigns. The technology is used extensively in the digital arts and satire. And while attempts to develop laws have begun overseas, these are focused on political communication.

Engineers in Japan to build artificial gravity habitat on the Moon by 2050

Anyone who’s ever been on a spinning amusement park ride understands how the force of inertia can imitate the pull of gravity, but scaling this concept to something large enough to support a decent-sized human colony would require a Herculean feat of cutting-edge engineering and an even bigger financial investment. Takuya Ohno, a lead architect with the Kajima Corporation, made as much clear during the video: Of course, it’s not technical at all, but it’s very important to come up with ideas at this stage. Artificial gravity would be achieved by building a huge cone-shaped building capable of rotating with enough power and speed to achieve the force required to simulate Earth’s gravity. Per an article from Universe Today’s Matt Williams: The study is a collaborative effort between Kyoto University and the Kajima Corporation (one of Japan’s oldest and largest construction companies). These include logistical concerns such as whether to build the structure piecemeal here on Earth and then come up with a novel transport system to send it to the Moon, or to create new machinery and techniques to facilitate construction in space.He/him It sure looks like a lot of fun when we see videos of astronauts floating around in zero-gravity environments. And, despite what a century of science fiction may have led you to believe, artificial gravity only exists in rudimentary experimental forms. The above video shows an amazing habitat where humans would essentially be able to work and live in an Earth-like environment. All that aside, this feels more like a partnership whose ultimate goal is to inspire the next generation of STEM students and architects than a road map. Either way, they’ll still have to come up with new techniques for assembling the structure on the Moon and providing it with enough energy and infrastructure to keep it spinning. Until we solve the whole gravity problem, permanent off-world colonies are pretty much a non-starter. MIT and NASA probably have a dozen projects like this lying around in various states of seriousness.Tristan is a futurist covering human-centric artificial intelligence advances, quantum computing, STEM, physics, and space stuff.Pronouns: (show all) Tristan is a futurist covering human-centric artificial intelligence advances, quantum computing, STEM, physics, and space stuff. Greetings, humanoids Subscribe to our newsletter now for a weekly recap of our favorite AI stories in your inbox. But, as Williams’ report points out, this isn’t a mission announcement.

You go, gramps! Older people are using TikTok to dispel myths about aging

While my mother was tearing down the trope of the older person who cannot get to grips with technology or understand social media, Dancing Dadi was shattering the stereotype that older women don’t have the energy to dance or express joy through movement – and was using social media to demonstrate it. Both my mother and Dancing Dadi compelled me to ponder these ageist stereotypes – why they still exist and why some people are trying so hard to overcome them using one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. How stereotypes work Stereotypes are beliefs (or associations) about certain social groups or categories. Increasingly, as the Singapore research has shown, more and more older people are adopting this platform as their social media of choice to provide a glimpse into a youth-centric world what their lives are like, the views they hold, and the fun they have. But those wishing to dispel negative stereotypes of older age have already started a social media revolution on Tiktok’s popular video platform. Smashing biases The only way to unshackle the mind from our own subconscious biases is to demolish these stereotypes. Along the same lines, older people (those over 60) are stereotypically considered weak, ailing, incapable, boring, and useless at technology and social media.The big hitters are people like Grandma Droniak, who hands out straight-talking advice; Grandad Joe, who makes humorous, non-speaking videos about how he sees things; J-Dog, a nonagenarian who likes to put young people right; Grandpa Chan, who is a whizz at keep-fit dance videos; and Babs aka Nonna, who is now a best-selling cookbook author through her popular TikTok recipe and lifestyle videos. I was genuinely taken aback to discover that my mother – who is completely technophobic – had bought an iPad, got a high-speed internet connection, and figured out how to create a TikTok account, all just to watch uninterrupted Dancing Dadi. In using humorous, engaging videos, older people are taking a stand against bias and discrimination, and rejecting the idea that they are invisible. While I appreciate that few sights are more entertaining than an Indian granny amusing others with her wicked dance moves, there had to be something more than mere amusement converting my mother to technology and the youthful attractions of social media. As I started to examine the reason behind this transformation, I realized that both my mother and Dancing Dadi herself are trying to bust the negative stereotypes and myths about old age. These people showcase their wisdom, vibrancy, energy, and fierceness, proving that granddads can be granfluencers and grandmothers can be glammas – glorious and glamorous.Many older people are turning to TikTok – best known as a playground for Gen Z – to reframe the experience of aging and kick back against age stereotyping. The researchers compiled TikTok’s most-viewed videos of people over 60 with at least 100,000 followers, resulting in up to 1,382 posts with more than 3.5 billion views. Article by Shweta Singh, Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Research has shown that the human mind has cognitive limitations such as bounded rationality, meaning, we seek good enough decisions rather than the best possible ones.An in-depth analysis then highlighted how older adults are proactively engaging in TikTok to defy the negative stereotypes and challenge socially constructed notions of “old age”. Meanwhile, these older TikTok-ers are part of an encouraging and heartening movement that is helping to shift prevailing attitudes. These revolutionary content creators are users over 60 and creating viral content for their millions of followers. During the lockdown, my 65-year-old mother did something that actually shocked me.

Recapture the fun of the 1980s game crash with Lego’s $240 Atari 2600 replica

The Lego Group The Lego Group The Lego Group The Lego Group The Atari 2600 set is a follow-up of sorts to the 2,646-piece Nintendo Entertainment System from a couple of years ago.But where that console included a replica TV set with a 2D rendition of Super Mario Bros that could actually scroll, the Atari 2600 kit includes an '80s living room set that pops out of the console and miniature scenes that depict the centipede from the game Centipede, the asteroids from the game Asteroids, and the adventure from the game Adventure. Advertisement The Lego Atari 2600 is just the latest in a long line of sets aimed at formerly Lego-loving kids. A new 2,532-piece set re-creates the 1980-era, four-switch version of the venerable Atari Video Computer System (VCS), later known as the Atari 2600.The kit includes a moving joystick, three game cartridges that can be inserted into the system or into an '80s-brown storage rack, and other nostalgic touches—even the chintzy wood-grain texture on the front of the console has been lovingly re-created with Lego bricks.

Amazon Prime Video finally gets a desperately needed redesign

The new look will be familiar to anyone who has used Netflix, Peacock, or other popular streaming services of late: It's a vertically scrolling series of categories, each of which is a horizontally scrolling list of shows and movies. Advertisement Content that is available as part of Prime has a subtle blue checkmark on the bottom-left corner of the key art. The updated interface is rolling out to Android and popular streaming TV platforms like Roku, Apple TV, and of course Amazon Fire TV this week. At first glance, the redesign is all about modernizing the look and making the experience more similar to what you get with just about every other streaming service. The main navigation bar has moved to the left side of the screen, allowing easier access as you scroll.That content, alongside the redesign, could help Amazon Prime Video gain some renewed attention in a streaming video landscape where Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max tend to attract more buzz.But it also addresses one of the biggest user complaints that isn't just about looks: It offers a more elegant way to tell which videos are available free to Prime subscribers, and which ones you have to pay a la carte for.Amazon Prime Video may have a compelling value proposition and some great original series to watch, but its interface has always been hideous compared to what competitors offer. According to Variety and The Verge, Amazon has been working on the redesign for 18 months. the alternative news website

This is an app that can be used by anyone, without any cost. It is an artificial intelligence assistant that will read news for you and provide you with relevant information while generating revenue.