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Moving your Laravel App from Webpack to Vite

All these community projects and tutorials are sure to help get you started working with Vite and to help you transition over to this bundler. If you have an existing app and want to start using Vite today, here is a list of resources to help you get migrated. Freek Van der Herten wrote a tutorial on making Vite and Valet play nice together. Laravel Vite Migration Guide - The official Laravel Vite plugin includes an in-depth migration guide.

Things You Should Know About Databases

Every month I send out a newsletter containing lots of interesting stuff for the modern PHP developer. Rest assured that I will only use your email address to send you the newsletter and will not use it for any other purposes. Expect quick tips & tricks, interesting tutorials, opinions and packages. Let's explain the two most important topics when working with RDBMSs: indexes and transactions. Stay up to date with all things Laravel, PHP, and JavaScript.I regularly tweet out programming tips, and what I myself have learned in ongoing projects.We monitor uptime, SSL certificates, broken links, scheduled tasks and more.

How to Improve Efficiency and Productivity in Remote Teams

Conclusion Even though creative project management seems hard, it’s extremely fun and challenging if you think about it in a different way. There is plenty of information regarding creative project management, and we would like to share the ones that work the best, in our opinion. As a part of creative project management, we recommend building a working culture where anyone feels free to express their feelings, share emotions, and, of course, send appropriate emojis. Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA on For example, it’s hard to use Photoshop in the team since you have to send the files repeatedly to other people.Let the Team Be Their Own Managers While managing creative teams, you know that many employees can get distracted by others while working, i.e., kids, pets, other people at home, etc. Here are our top 5 creative project management tips that you can use for your team.Remote Setting One of the hardest parts of managing creative teams is to encourage people to commit to the corporate culture and share the mission, which is mostly easy to do when working offline.As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to use Photoshop or KeyNote to create storyboards for your ideas when you can use a cloud-based solution like Krock, where people can work in real-time on one project.As a part of your creative project management, you can offer your team different management techniques, software, and advice.As a part of creative project management, you can omit mundane tasks that make your team sad with the help of different software.People who work remotely must have the tools and software to work better.When talking to people online, people might feel different, as they don’t see the whole picture of how people express their ideas.When your workers think about creative solutions for others, you search for creative solutions for your team.There are some tips that might help you build a new setting as a part of the project management for creative teams.Communication Communication is essential when it comes to any work.Usually, when they get distracted, people lose track of their own time, which results not only in worse work but also in unsatisfactory personal feelings. Work flexible hours. Work smarter, not harder.Inspire your team so they share the company’s values, ask your team for coffee, if you are based in one city, etc.But the good news is that there are plenty of cloud-based solutions, like Krock, where you can work online efficiently.Make Collaboration Easy With that said, use a minimal amount of tools.Use one platform where you can keep all your stuff and let people work rather than look for particular items.

How Nearly Dying Repeatedly Fixed My Burnout

“Was it “normal” office hours (for your timezone) or did you fit work in around traveling?” Work Schedule “When do you work? If 4 hours sounds like a lot, we could put that into context: the average American commutes 1.5 hours each way , and a lot of the time that is by car. Over the last two years I’ve had heat stroke twice, hypothermia, hyponatremia twice, two separate flea infestations, three crashes (one so bad I broke my handlebars), a busted achilles tendon, bodged through countless mechanical issues, been chased by wild dogs, accosted by an Albanian man who was trying to fuck me at a campsite, been woken up at a wild camp spot by a man holding a shotgun, escaped a mugging in Morocco, and midnight escaped a crazy French man who’d offered me a place to stay, but then got angry when I ran away once I realized he bought me an old toothless hooker - complete with bouncer waiting outside the apartment door. Hygiene “Longest number of days without a shower?”Asks @andrew_techfolk Regardless of the type of technical work you’re doing, good old fashioned coding, technical planning, product planning, trying to debug some bizarre issue, a giant refactor, whatever it is there’s a good chance you could do with some time away from the keyboard. Employer “How was your employer - much persuasion needed?”well nobody told me it was a problem… Mental Health I started writing this talking about burnout, and after two years I do honestly feel a lot better. Electronics Laptop: Macbook Pro 13”, bought it in Spain when I got the job.That should mean my time will be pretty focused on that, and by the time it’s done maybe COVID has fucked off enough that I can organize a group trip with some folks who want to try full-time bike nomading, even if only for a few weeks. Productivity “In what ways did doing a ‘flow activity’ seem to aid original thought? Generally I would cycle about 4 or 5 hours on a work day, and that times would vary depending on where I was and what was going on that week.Asks George Buckingham It depends on the time of year, temperature, geography, how I felt, and what sort of work I had going on. Mail and Shipping My US mailbox is handled by Travelling Mailbox, which looks rubbish but is genuinely amazing.Even if your commute is half that, add on time spent going to/from/at the gym, or cycling repetitive loops around the nearest park, and there is more than enough time to get 40-90km with a few panniers and still get your work done.I could choose an “American day” or “European day” depending on what was coming up. Every time I could not think of a solution to a problem, I would jump on the bike and get riding. The initial plan was completely forgotten, and now when my boss or team mates get on a call they just ask “Which country are you in now?” These days remote work is getting a lot more popular. Other Power: Some folks like solar panels when they tour, and absolutely, Anker make some great ones that can charge a battery pack up and keep you juiced, but I never got into that. I know a lot of people want to set off a big adventure, and I was stuck putting something like this off for years . I generally sleep about 6-7 hours as I can never go to bed at a reasonable time. “Were there pain points interfacing with a non-nomad company (e.g.: payslips, addresses)?” Sometimes I think “I should be more sad about this” then I remember how much I hated 90% of everything between August and December at it pales in comparison.By 4pm it would be dinner time, or time for first or second lunch anyway, which usually went with more work, and more meetings, and hopefully leaving just enough daylight to explore the town at dusk. As I was a US taxpayer for several years, I am good to work for a US company, but seeing as I was waiting for a visa it made sense for me to be a contractor.There was a 1-5 system which we established, which was “1 - get back to us whenever you get a minute” and “5 - Get your laptop out on the side of a highway and solve this problem!” During longer summer days I would take my time with breakfast. Other days, especially when I was pushing through 43°C for a few weeks, battling heat exhaustion every day, I would do hour on, hour off. As Team USA and Team Europe were switched from geographic teams to more “pod”-like teams, the communication across the whole company improved. I spent summer and autumn living outside of the city trying to relax, but by winter things were still getting worse, and I was a hair trigger. When I started with Stoplight, I was writing a lot of code, so those days were generally a bit more normal. “What are your laundry protocols?” Spandex gets rinsed every day when it’s warm, and every other day when it’s cool. I meant that at the time, and I have had plenty of changes to test it.I had the respect of most of most of the engineers for my problem solving abilities, I was advising and training entire teams, setting roadmaps for directors, but management continued to be willfully oblivious, passing me over for promotion time and time again. Every time I was just fucking laughing. It was a constructive time, but the toxic culture, and mismanagement was killing me. There’s other things to talk about like how accessible this lifestyle is to women, how much does it all cost, and all sorts of other crazy stories from the road. Every few weeks I’d make sure my rest day was in an AirBnB, or a mates house, and get everything in the washing machine. When days were shorter I’d work nocturnally.I planned to take more time to recover before looking for work, but I got talking to Stoplight who needed help with their new suite of OpenAPI-powered API Design tools. It was the most fun I’d ever had, Juozas Kaziukėnas even came to ride with me for a few days, but after 5 weeks I was still burned out.With my days starting at 8am when Poland got started, and finishing at 10pm after a good amount of time with the folks in Texas, but everything in between was entirely flexible.It’s been one hell of a journey, but the bit that surprises a lot of people is that I was working full time, so I’d like to share how exactly that worked.He was on a “winter training camp” (bikes and beers holiday) with some mates, and I combined work and play for a few weeks. A lot of clothes are merino wool, which is fancy and expensive, but for a reason.Spending only 36 hours in Dubrovnik is one regret, but honestly the fact that every day I was cycling past something new, seeing castles I didn’t know existed fly by in the middle of nowhere, was more exciting to me than going through every museum, guided tour, and gift shop along the way. An overnight ferry got me from the Canary Islands to southern Spain, where I cycled from Huelva to Calpe to hang out with Hannes Van De Vreken. Headphones: I had some bluetooth wired headphones with a terrible mic, and the Polish crew told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to upgrade my mic.Spandex and regular human clothes can take a long time to dry, but the bike is a pretty good washing line. It sounds a bit rough, but it was pretty hilarious, and I loved helping. I’ll avoid going on about what a shitshow that company was too much, but there is some important context. It can be really hard to not go and do all the things in a city.I would generally work whilst I eat, so that I had more time for all the other things. I wrote about logistics of shipping things when you don’t live anywhere.I’d also have a regular iPhone cable, one in the frame of the bike, and another in my “go bag” so I could always charge my phone.That means it can not only charge your iPhone quickly, but it can charge a Macbook Pro! Being able to extend the laptop battery with a whopping 15,000mAh meant I could spend a whole day working from a picnic bench on the edge of a Swedish lake, without having to worry about the battery cutting off.I didn’t mind the technical trouble, solving this stuff is what I’m good at, and it gave me a lot of blog posts to write over the time.Yes, generally you should try and get riding done early in the day like this, but when you’ve got calls and dinner at 10pm, the sun is up at 7am Stay safe, and if you can’t do that have fun, but never let burnout turn you into a shitty version of yourself.By focusing on getting things charged in the right order, and with the help of the battery pack, I could go for days without stopping to charge anything, which made wild camping a lot more pleasant.I rode 200km in three days with a busted achilles tendon, (riding 400km thorugh Denmark in 24 hours might have been a mistake) and even as I limped my bike through hilly farm country heading to Stockholm to recover, I was laughing and genuinely happy. My gear was shit, everything was wrong, I didn’t know what I was doing, but it ultimately didn’t matter. Cables: Nomad make a USB-C to Universal cable which is pretty great.Asks @andrew_techfolk After camping all weekend, Mondays would usually be a little ripe. Follow @philsturgeon on Twitter for a firehose of bikes, tech, and climate action. East Europe was the most beautiful, but some of the least chatty, with me knowing none of the languages, and second languages for them were mostly German or Russian.I then cycle for 4 hours, so that leaves 13 hours to work, eat, and pop to the nearest castle/lake/beach/bar.“If you quit/lose this job you have to leave the country and go find a new one” situation that had fucked me over several times before.What better reason to rage quit my entire life, spending two years cycling through 34 countries, living on a bike, camping on the weekends, crashing on sofas, crossing the Alps and Pyrenees a few times, and even popping down to Morocco for some winter sun! Sometimes it would take longer, but some roads were monotonous enough I could really get into the right headspace.One time I was trying to plan out a tricky blog post on a super technical topic, and noticed I was cycling down a Spanish motorway. Battery Pack: Zendure X5.“I’ve got an apartment with 9 months left on the lease.” This trip is by no means over, but it has changed. I stayed in a few different parts of the islands, the quieter bits.Anyway, I won’t talk too much about bike stuff specificaly in this article - I do that on my bike blog - this is about the nomad/work/tech aspect. Phone: iPhone XR. This is a big topic!So long as they were able to get their work done everything was fine, but if I fucked up and got stuck up a mountain or missed a meeting in a signal deadspot dealing with five flat fucking tyres in a row, I was letting them down, and that must be avoided. There’s loads more I could talk about.With the phone I could do a lot of work, its backup navigation, and the best way to find help, so I had to make sure that was always fine.“I’ve got a car to make payments on.”Being so angry in London would have been a mess of unhealthy drinking, and at the time it also felt like a failure: returning from the US with my tail between my legs. Side note: I specifically asked for a H1B over an O1 because of the whole Loneliness however can be an issue.“I’ve got a job.”Asks George Buckingham I was really lucky here.I spent a lot of this time fundraising to plant 100,000 trees in Madagascar.“I’ve got a partner.”Asks Christopher Imrie None at all. *I swung by a few meetups, speaking at the API Barcelona Meetup, API Days in Zurich, and API Days in Paris, met some PHP friends like Jordi Boggiano in Zurich, and made some new friends like Mohamed Benhida in Marrakesch.So hey, if you’re thinking about it, this is what I’ve learned working full-time whilst exploring quite a big chunk of the world.I sold everything I owned, donated a lot of tools and parts to the local bike shop, then got on the cheapest flight I could find.When that was up I wasn’t ready to get on a train and rush back to the UK, so I figured “Fuck it, I can probably cycle to England!”Everything evolved over time, and despite a bumpy start with bad panniers falling off of heavy racks on every single bump, it ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done.There were all these fun little quirks, like whenever Australia had a busy day, a third-party API would go down, and due to the lack of timeouts or circuit breakers, the entire company would crash so badly our customers couldn’t go to the bathroom.3 hours a day just driving to and from work!They use plain-old payroll software to pay my TransferWise Borderless* account like any other US bank transfer, instead of having to work out international payments.well It has only been working 50% of the time, but man during that 50% I felt unstoppable!It became pretty standard to take a laptop to breakfast, and harass the hotel buffer for two hours whilst replacing some of the 4,000 calories I burned the day before.We just sit there getting angry and suffering diminishing returns then waste a bunch of time.I occasionally catch myself getting really angry about shit that happened in that time, but then I had a revelation.Do you get 8 working hrs a day?”Neither of those things involve all that much synchronous communication, I just made sure I was around for sprint planning, grooming, and retros, with the engineering team I was product managing, and outside of that hours don’t matter.They’ll wick moisture when its hot, dry quickly if you sweat or after a rain, and when it’s time for a wash it’s just a case of rinsing it in the sink.Every few months I would occasionally bump into another bike tourer and occasionally we’d ride for a few hours, get some lunch, trade stories, and trade spares, but that did not happen too often.and I point the camera at a Swiss Alp, the Adriatic Sea, or a fjord, and they say “Oh cool!”Burnout and depression should not be glorified, but when you’ve been cut down to nothing for so long, it moves the bar on what fucks you up the next time.Oh and they just so happened to work at that same company so I would see them every day.You can wear merino underwear and t-shirts for days, using them as casual clothes to work in, or even using the t-shirts as base layers.Every day I would start off by walking out the front door, pointing my bike up a 20% hill, and climbing at least 1-2,000 meters of elevation.It was such a perfect fit, but they had no time to waste and I jumped in right away.Still, after a 2 mile full-speed cycle escape from the motorway, I got back to thinking, and not long later the problem was solved.I’d spend a few hours (or maybe most of the day) going up, and up, and up.Even then, a Bosnian truck-driver would appear out of nowhere to buy me a lemonade and chat about how much he loved going to the UK to deliver things a few years ago, which suddenly becomes a discussion about life, the universe, and everything.Take time for yourself, and if you need any help, tips, or advice on any of this, I am here to chat:I covered everything above so you could understand my motivations, and imagine yourself in this situation, as not a bike-tour expert who is now apparently cycling across Europe, and working!

concerned about long term stability of laravel : laravel

while i have embraced some of the things laravel has pushed on me like tailwind, other things i've tried like vue were not my cup of's like a never-ending cycle and code is becoming obsolete so fast that it makes me want to just move to express and some long-established ORM like sequelize so i don't have to bother with this shit anymore. i honestly don't even want to run composer update on any of the projects that are done nowadays because it's like i'm rolling the, i have websites running laravel 6 still because i've given up on constantly having to update something that is in perfect working condition.i mean even if i kept up to date, i find that a lot of packages are slow to update their composer dependencies to the latest version, so it's kind of pointless and just asking for more trouble.gone like many packages before it, despite having a metric shit ton of time put into it.since laravel no longer uses it, i feel like it is going to fade into the night.i get why they've done it but at the same time i don't see a lot of benefit of having to basically recode all of my frontend bundling logic for every single app using mix right now. to give you another example, this move to vite is really making me question if i should just finally make the jump to javascript on the backend.and no, i don't want to use laravel shift and have to learn/pay for yet another thing that just hampers my me, mix was like the ultimate tool i even used for my frontend-only projects that didn't require a framework. maybe this isn't specifically a laravel problem.often times, i find that things break when i even just run composer update .to be honest, you could probably just use esbuild (the thing that makes vite so fast) and learn how to configure that rather than using this flavor of the month. my main issue right now is that there seems to be no long, or even short term stability.i've been using laravel for a long time, wrote packages for it, etc. i don't want to have to upgrade anything and risk something breaking for negligible improvements.maybe this is a web development problem in general and i am just seeing it through the lense of being a laravel developer.

Working on improved LSP tooling for Laravel blade bringing intellisense to all editors! : laravel

Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Goodbye I've got some important news: today marked my last day working at Spatie and I will start working at JetBrains in the PhpStorm team on Monday. If you'd ask me to describe my dream job, I would probably tell you it would focus on the PHP community, content creation and education; and this is everything my new job at JetBrains is focussed on. I'll of course miss my colleagues at Spatie — I spent almost 5 years with them — but I'm also ready and very excited about this new adventure; I'll keep you posted! Nothing much will change: I'll keep working on my blog and other personal projects in my free time; like I have been doing for the past years. I've written quite a lot of open source code at Spatie, and I'm happy to help maintain it. 👍 👍 👍 0Read more « back — written by Brent on March 25, 2022 # What about my blog, videos and newsletter?I actually didn't plan on leaving Spatie originally; I wasn't looking for a new job.

How do I change the Laravel Nova logo (got my SVG) : laravel

I uploaded it to /public/plain-assets/logos/lion_head.svg Then I just went to config/nova.php and uncommented this line and did the following: I even tried 'logo' => resource_path(''), php artisan nova:publish php artisan view:clear Did nothing either. But no cigar - as in like it doesn't even show a "missing" image when I open up Nova - I tried a artisan cache:clear... Got the logo, did the console commands... and now i'm stuck...I found it in a file called nova/public/app.js can't find any tutorial on how to do this - Buuut... nothing happened. P.S. Never mind - had to put it into resources view - it's all working now :) That's where the logo is! It says I need to do composer update ??

Remote Work As Climate Action

Emissions data from Department for Transport (DfT): Ferry foot passenger: 0.02kg CO2e per passenger km Ferry car passenger: 0.13kg CO2e per passenger km Flights, domestic: 0.3kg CO2e per passenger km Every journey is different, but ferry about ten times less polluting [than flying], if travelling by bike. Trains Whether you’re on your way to some compulsory “yeah we’re remote but…” company all-hands-summit-retreat, a conference, a vaction, or just off to visit gran, trains are a decent way to get where you’re going as far as the environment is concerned. Footprint Tracking If you ignore everything I’ve written here and just do one thing, it’s grab a carbon footprint calculator, understand your impact, and work on getting it down every month. Mates House There is one element of working from home which can mess up your carbon footprint: when you’re in an office and the house is empty, you’ve got your heating/cooling turned off (or you bloody well should have). Un-rushed Vacations When talking to people about going flight free, the most common response is “but other transportation is so slow, I’ll spend my whole vacation getting there!” Commuting Sucks Regardless of the transportation you choose: Car, train, bike, hoverboard; going to the same place every single day is uninteresting at best. Key Takeaways Limit movement as much as possible, remote working 2-3 days a week is a good start for now. “Looking Your Best” is Unsustainable There are countless other benefits, even the seemingly irrelevant “less time/money on makeup” has wins. Leaving Home to Work Away Leaving home for sustained periods of time can start to feel pricey. Finding Remote Jobs In your next 1:1 why not raise the question of remote working. Cafe’s & Restaurants I know I know, there is a huge amount of stigma against the coffeeshop remote worker, with the cliche being that they buy one coffee then sit there all day. Ferries Sometimes there is water in the way of where you’re trying to go, but this form of slow travel usually comes with free or cheap WiFi. Lisbon to Paris one weekend (night trains!), remote work in Paris for a week, train to Moscow the weekend after, and hang out there a bit… all without using up any vacation time. Coworking Spaces WeWork is the worst in many ways, and until recently it was impossible to go into one for just a day. The flexibility of remote work (when a company properly understands remote culture in place) means time doesn’t matter. Not being forced to center your entire life around getting to a specific place every Monday to Friday opens up a lot of opportunities to improve the quality of life, and massively lower your carbon footprint, which improves quality of life for everyone everywhere. When you’re working remote, you don’t have to get all the way to wherever you’re going in one ice-cap melting jump, you can take your time.— Source: @FlightFree2020 Getting a days work done while you float over the sea, and you can walk around as much as you like without raising suspicions of an air marshal. There are a few ways you can reduce the impact here, like improving insulation and natural solutions like planting shade trees, working from a single room and only heating/cooling that, etc. When vacations are coming use your new found powers of slow travel to work your way towards there, what’s the rush.Companies are stepping up to go carbon neutral (or even carbon negative), and the number of big companies offering remote work is on the rise, but remote work in the States is still only 3-5%. If that seems terrible to you, there’s some way more mainstream approaches to getting work done. The average annual carbon footprint is 10 tonnes in many developed countries, and in America it’s 16.5 tonnes according to the World Bank. For me, instead of a 1-2 hour each-way hell-commute, I cycle 3-4 hours a day. Having your hands freed up on the commute allows for entertainment and other productive tasks, but going to the same train station every day is not the best. The average American commutes for an hour each way to and from work. Remote work solves this problem. I was getting work done on picnic benches by lakes in Sweden, Slovakian petrol stations, and from my tent. The rational part of your brain knows that flying is killing the planet, but other parts of your brain push that aside, telling you that you deserve a break from the stress of normal life, and the budget 5 hour flight seems infinitely more appealing. Maybe start off with remote Fridays to see how it goes, then if it goes well it could be a few days a week. There are a million ideas for how to do that on Protect Earth so pick any of them, but wiping out your commute and air travel is a damn good way to get started. They were amazed to see there was a train route the whole way there, but put off when they realized it would take 4.5 days. If your company don’t give a shit about your existential concerns then you probably don’t want to work there anyway. Track your footprint and try to lower it by 10% every month. This approach is not so handy for people who move around, unless you’ve got friends spread around where you’re going, but there are many other options. When movement is required try to bike, train, bus, coach, carpool, or ferry, in that order. Do you mind if I get a coffee and some snacks, and work for a few hours? I love not needing to waste time, money, and energy resources on doing laundry, I just occasionally hand wash the few things I own, and dry them in the sun. Offset whatever footprint is left, ideally offset more to make up for that shit mate we all have who doesn’t care if we lose the remaining half of the coral reefs. Getting out of the daily grind and riding around all of Europe has given me a chance to think about a lot of things, mainly how serious the climate crisis is. If you simply work from home, you can just not do that. When places are rammed, and generally when you’re in a big city, most places are going to at some point be a bit stressed with you messing up their income. Airbnb is one approach, but it can also be tough to find people looking for longer stays, as many Airbnb stays are just weekends, weeks, or maybe two. For extra bonus points, you can get a job actively tackling the climate crisis, many of which are remote.If you’ve got friends nearby who also work remote, you can take it in turns to all work from their house, cycling over there, or maybe driving around the corner when the weather sucks. Some folks will call this sort of thing being a “digital slowmad”.🍻 The train from Tangier to Marrakesh down here had awesome views, and I got to review the VS Code extension for Spectral - the OpenAPI linter. Trains are have a lower impact on the environment than flying, the exact improvement depending on the power source. Where to Get Work Done? The default of flying is ridiculously pervasive, to a point where lots of otherwise well-intentioned people don’t even consider the alternatives. There are a million co-working spaces around the world, and not just in megacities. Swap homes with people and stay with friends to avoid hotels. The transfer in Chicago meant I got to spend an evening with my mate Zack Kitzmiller, who I’d not seen since we both moved away from New York. I’m well aware ferries don’t seem like envionrmentally modes of transport at face value.All of this freedom, time to think, and ability to reduce my footprint was made possible thanks to Stoplight supporting remote work, and I’d like to talk about how you can do the same. Enable TripIt, Uber, fuel trackers, and one of the awesome smart-meter integrations, or simply setup recurring commuting information with distance and engine type. For more information about working from the road, listen to Parallel Passion: Episode 34. Imagine if more people just… didn’t commute. This same idea extends to other parts of our appearances, like clothing. I like to ride through touristy areas out of season. I made some mistakes last year and did more flying for conferences than I was comfortable with, so to limit my contribution to Greeland pointlessly melting (and fucking burning) After all, who gives a shit how I look when I’m bike nomading? This is cheaper than budget package holidays, less shit, and drastically better for the environment. Another approach is to team up with local remoter workers and share resources. Whenever you’re not sure, it can help to simply be up front with staff before you sit down. Limit the number of rooms and buildings requiring heating. When I started at Stoplight I was mostly writing code, and reviewing pull requests. Another alternative is Home Exchange. I’ve never cared about fashion.Easing into remote working is still a reduction in how much you need to commute, and if things go well more people on more teams could start working from home more often.With most of the world (especially the U.S.) desperately needing to sort its carbon footprint out, remote working might just be a big piece of the puzzle.I remote worked my way down to Marrakesh, bike-commuting through Portugal and Spain a little bit each day, and now I’m spending a week offline cycling around the Atlas Mountains.Wherever it is you are is somewhere you can work, and if you stick to sustainable transportation methods like electric trains or bikes, you can slash your footprint massively.After 90 days my U.K. phone service provider Three kicked me off, deciding I was not “on vacation” anymore, but my U.S. Sprint contract continued to work just fine.Explain that you’re terrified the world is on track for a 5°C warmup which is drastically worse than the most nilist scientists thought probable, resulting in millions of heat-deaths and worse, and that letting you work from your couch more often seems like an easy win to everyones benefit.I could chose an “American day” or “European day” depending on what was coming up.If you don’t have any work-from-home friends, you could try meeting folks on Nomad List, or facilitate the liberation of your office-trapped friends.If you gotta go somewhere and the train won’t handle the wet bits, then taking a ferry is a reasonable choice, and with decent Internet you don’t need to take a vacation day for the voyage.Those trucks are going wether 50% more or less passengers come along, and seeing as the average person weighs about as much as one of their spare tyres, the indivudals share of the carbon footprint is almost negligible.Sometimes I do the whole ride in the morning, sometimes I work a few hours over breakfast and have one big midday ride, sometimes I do one hour on, one hour off.That is 240kg (530lb) a month , and over 262 working days that’s a ridiculous 3,144kg (6,931lb) of CO2 emissions.There are a plethora of sites around for finding remote-friendly companies up remote jobs, so escape the commute with a quick search on any of these.See if you can backfill the data for a few months to get a good idea of your usual footprint, then set out to lower your footprint.It helped me with the cycling, but it’s hard to focus on work when you can see through the fabric of time.

PhpStorm 2022.2 Beta 2

In the meantime, we invite you to check out the release notes to see what has changed in this Beta 2 build or review our previous EAP blog posts to learn about everything that’s to come.Beta 2 We are now working on preparing everything for the upcoming release. As always, your feedback is much appreciated, and please don’t hesitate to submit an issue if you run into any problems. Your PhpStorm team The Drive to Develop

New Drupal Community Working Group Conflict Resolution Team member: JD Flynn

Based in Indiana, United States, JD has been a long time member of the Drupal community – for more than 7 years and has been one of the Community Working Group's mental health subject matter experts for more than 2 years. In the coming months, we anticipate adding additional new members to ensure the long-term health of the Conflict Resolution Team and its ability to effectively serve the Drupal community. One of the 2022 goals of the Conflict Resolution Team is to expand, both bringing in new perspectives and allowing veteran members to retire.As part of the onboarding process, JD will serve as a provisional member of the Conflict Resolution Team with limited access to previous issues as well as mentoring on current issues. The CWG is responsible for promoting and upholding the Drupal Code of Conduct and maintaining a friendly and welcoming community for the Drupal project.

Greg Dunlap talks pinball, Core Initiatives, and the future of Drupal

From there, she moved on to working as a professional technical writer, spending seven years at Acquia, working with nearly every product offering.She comes from a technical support background, from front-line to developer liaison, giving her a strong understanding of the user experience.Lynette Miles Principal Technical Writer Lynette has been part of the Drupal community since Drupalcon Brussels in 2006.

Another Activision Blizzard studio is working to unionize

“QA is currently an undervalued discipline in the games and software industries,” the group said.“We strive to foster work environments where we are respected and compensated for our essential role in the development process.”We deeply respect the rights of all employees under the law to make their own decisions about whether or not to join a union,” an Activision Blizzard spokesperson told Engadget. The approximately 20 workers involved in the effort call themselves the Game Workers Alliance Albany, a nod to the first-ever union to form at Activision Blizzard .“We believe that a direct relationship between the company and its employees is the most productive relationship. Before Activision folded Vicarious Visions into Blizzard at the start of 2021, the 200-person developer was one of the publisher’s most dependable support studios.They also want to work with Activision Blizzard to create a process for addressing workplace issues, including cases involving employee misconduct .On Tuesday, quality assurance staff at Blizzard Albany went public with the news that they had filed for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Empowerment comes from opportunity. Meet Cocomore's new Fair Trade talent training program

We wanted to do this right, so we started searching for a partner to help us locate talent and give advice about the right way to approach the task.Right from the beginning we wanted an international office on the same pegging, all working together on the same projects, not separate German or Spanish projects.Today it plays a large role in the company, with employees nationwide, working in roles from analytics to project management and software development to public relations. When our colleague and COO Peter suggested Kenya, where he previous lived, as a trial location for local talent, the potential positive impact it could have on our organisation was clear.Finding the right Drupal talent can be even harder than for other technologies as demand for developers outweighs availability.This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Spanish office, which originally started in Sevilla as a small group of developers.

Getting Laravel Pint working with PHPStorm? : laravel

I've been reading the PHPStorm CS Fixer Docs and I don't see any way to get the integration working with Pint.I don't see myself using Pint over plain CS Fixer, just to get a config preset while losing the IDE integration. the alternative news website

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