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Simple Comments Package for Laravel

Using the HasComments trait on your models, you can quickly add comments attributed to users: 1 use RyanChandler\Comments\Concerns\HasComments ; 2 3 class Post extends Model 4 { 5 use HasComments ; 6 } Given a post model, you can add a comment using the following method: 1 $post = Post :: first (); 2 3 $post -> comment ( 'Hello, world!' ); The above example is automatically attributed to the logged-in user.You can also assign a comment to a specific user: 1 $post -> comment ( 'Hello, world!' , user : $user); This package also supports comment parent threads, meaning a comment can belong to another comment.

5 Survival Multiplayer games Developers can play on Weekends

UnReal World UnReal World, the pioneering Finnish survival roguelike, didn’t have all the seeds for one of the world’s best and most unusual survival games. 7 Days To Die In 7 Days to Die, players must use their wits and fists to survive in a post-civilization world. Rust Rust is one of the best multiplayer games, whether you’re playing with friends or a large online community. Minecraft Players must gather materials, create buildings, combat creatures, eat, and explore the surrounding environment to stay alive. Photo by Lucie Liz on As a result, our concept of “survival” is rather wide. The undead has taken over the earth, and 7 Days is a unique mix of first-person shooter and survival nightmare, tower defences, and role-playing video activities, set in a harsh post-apocalyptic setting. Conclusion With a friend or two around, you’re more likely to escape a dangerous situation unscathed. 7 Days, with its unmatched industrial and world-building features, pioneered the survival genre. This survival game flourished before other early access craft ’em ups and has a more interesting idea. UnReal World, a simulation about surviving challenging, realistic conditions, has periodic updates that add new features and polish old ones. So, how will you go through this survival game jungle and find the gems? Continue making forward progress, avoid making any mistakes, and stay alive till the end of this ordeal. As far as gameplay goes, you wake up on a beach and begin your survival adventure. We did this because we wanted to provide something new from the slew of first-person jungle adventures where you grow hungry and everything clips through barriers constantly. The first step in determining the hardware compatibility for a rlcraft server hosting is to check the event’s hardware specifications. Among the most challenging competitive multiplayer shooters, GTFO drops you into a world teeming with a variety of hostile creatures. Bear in mind that even though GTFO has been released, it is still in open beta, which indicates that the game is not yet finished being developed. Except for the reality that the player must live, the games in our collection have nothing in common.If you want to try it, you should know 7 days to die dedicated server requirements, as this information can often provide you with the best 7 days to die hosting possible. What you should know are the rlcraft server requirements that Minecraft frequently asks for. If you’re playing Java Edition, you can make advances in any planet type, whether cheats are enabled or not.

Controller routes are driving me crazy

The world is numbered '.$id.' from the sun.'; } public static function homie() { return 'This is just something to follow suit - and it will simply work for no reason'; } public static function bromie() { return 'This is just something to follow suit - and it will simply work for no reason'; } public static function inputter(Request $request, $id) {I've created a proof of concept Route to Controller to just return some text as so: Route::get('/worldview', [TasksController::class, 'homie']); and then the TasksController: <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use Illuminate\Http\Request; class TasksController extends Controller { public static function home($id) { return 'Hello, World! So I write this: Route::get('/supboi', [TasksController::class, 'bromie']); and of course you can see the 'bromie()' function above and I get a 404!"ID is: ".$id; return $job; } } As you can see it just returns some text And yes I did a 'php artisan cache:clear' command so...//$data=Input::all(); //echo $request; //$input = $request->all(); $name = $request->input('object.c'); $job = array('Name' => 'Job 1', 'Email' => '[email protected]'); //return

World Backup Day

Ken Marks continues his series, How to Hack Your Home with a Raspberry Pi, with an article showing how to actually hook up your accelerometer to your Pi and start storing the data into a database on the Raspberry Pi.Joe Ferguson’s, Queues With Horizon will help us make our application more robust by offloading some processing to give our application the appearance of higher performance.In Understanding Supply Chain Security, Eric Mann will have you realizing that even our code has a supply chain and that its security is crucial to our success.Our newest column by Frank Wallen, PSR Pickup, will start to teach us about the PHP PSR’s starting with PSR 0 and 1. Our columnists also drive home the point of strengthening our weaknesses.

World Backup Day

PSR Pickup: PSRs – Improving the Developer Experience By Frank Wallen PHP-FIG (PHP Framework Interoperability Group) is the group of developers and projects coming together to define/suggest and maintain PSRs (PHP Standard Recommendations) for how frameworks and components communicate and work with each other.In the physical world, it’s relatively easy to understand what a supply chain looks like—the security of physical goods in transit is a straightforward concept. Backups For Beginners By Scott Keck-Warren Backups are one of those things we developers don’t like to think about until there’s a problem, and then it’s too late.In the January 2022 edition, my friend Chris Tankersley wrote Education Station: [Background Queues](, a fantastic primer for using background queues, or workers with your PHP application.Better Late Than Never By Edward Barnard Last month, we created “role-based lookups” with “When You Know the Pattern.”Database-related code can be difficult to unit test, and once unit tests are written, they can be difficult and time-consuming to maintain.Anyone who’s ever accidentally deleted something only to find out the only good backup is weeks or months old can tell you how important it is that we always have backups as part of our disaster recovery plan.In this article, we look at how to find prime factors before turning to one more puzzle involving integer division. Education Station: Software History is Licensing By Chris Tankersley The world of computers is an odd place.We can’t let them slip because not having a functioning backup can cost our companies untold hours and thousands of dollars recreating data.I grew up during a time when the “family computer” was a common idea just because of cost. Security Corner: Understanding Supply Chain Security By Eric MannAt the end of this article, you should have a Raspberry Pi running a full LAMP stack that can serve up web pages to any browser on your home network. PHP Puzzles: Finding Prime Factors The Workshop: Queues with Horizon By Joe Ferguson How to Hack your Home with a Raspberry Pi –The amount of computing power just around me as I type these words would have astounded seven-year-old me with that CoCo 2.

Libsyn Podcast : Talking Drupal #356 Topics Book Module High level overview Unique about the module Real world use cases Why not entity reference Should it be in contrib Where does it not make sense [email protected] Ryan Price - - @liberatr MOTW Purge The purge module facilitates cleaning external caching systems, reverse proxies and CDNs as content actually changes. Resources Guests [email protected] Hosts Nic Laflin -

'Stray'’s Post-Apocalyptic World Evokes the Walled City of Kowloon

This drone will act as the Navi to your mute Link, living in a backpack that looks a lot like the one I just mentioned, which lets you—er, the cat—carry out tasks that require opposable thumbs—like using flashlights and keys—and a concept of language—like translating Robot into American English.Thanks to a partnership with Travel Cat, there’s even a Stray-themed collection of harnesses and backpacks capable of carrying “25 lbs of cat in its sturdy, well-ventilated chassis.”Remarkable productivity—the residents churned out enough fish balls to supply Hong Kong’s wealthy upper classes—mingled with gambling, prostitution, and drugs.For many, this is a mic drop worthy of an instant purchase, and Blue Twelve Studio, the former Ubisoft employees responsible for the game, clearly know this—from the very beginning, Stray taps in shamelessly to the memeable antics of Felis catus.And while Stray’s cat is just a ginger tabby, not as long or genetically mutated or struggling to breathe as more famous internet cats, it will, just as Untitled Goose Game’s goose before it, still provide rich fodder for memes.As he decompressed on his flight back home, he revealed a vain hope: to catch a second glimpse of an ongoing obsession “before the future comes to tear it down.” There’s been a lot of talk about the cat, and fair enough, it’s the star of the show here.How they seemed to absorb all the frantic activity of Kai Tak airport, sucking in energy like a black hole.The game opens on four fur balls avoiding the rain in a vine-wrapped concrete edifice.On your daily strut through the ruins of industrial civilization, you slip down a crevice, into the darkness, landing hard in a moldering sewer.There was “no tax, no regulation of businesses, no health or planning systems, no police presence.I was ready for something like that.” The scene is eerily familiar. The Walled City, when it still stood, loomed on the edge of Kowloon City, then part of British Hong Kong.Controlled by China as a de jure enclave, it became a political pinball: Hong Kong’s British governors hated it; China wouldn’t demolish it.People could come to Kowloon, and, in official terms, disappear.”

Google will start field testing its next-gen AR glasses this August

"The real-world tests will allow us to better understand how these devices can help people in their everyday lives," Juston Payne, a group product manager at Google's AR and VR division, wrote in a blog post .Back at I/O 2022 in May, Google teased the return of its augmented reality glasses by showing an early prototype of its next-gen glasses."And as we develop experiences like AR navigation, it will help us take factors such as weather and busy intersections into account — which can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to fully recreate indoors.The glasses won't capture photos or videos, though Google will use image data to translate text and display directions." The testing will be limited to a few dozen people (Google employees and trusted testers).The company will delete image data used for research purposes after 30 days.

How China Threatens to Splinter the Metaverse

Even on a personal level, I’ve witnessed over the years countless classmates and friends grow enthralled by such cycles, chasing investment bubbles in real estate and private equity, working as civil servants for the government before moving on to build startups. Commanding an entertainment and social media empire rivaling Meta in scope, Pony Ma in fact publicly laid out a vision for building something very similar to the metaverse just a few months before Zuckerberg announced his company’s name change.Chinese economist Ren Zeping pointed out the dangers of a metaverse, accusing it of potentially causing lower marriage and birth rates—the logic being that if people are too busy entertaining themselves in the virtual world, they wouldn’t need to seek connections in the real one.Within tech, the investment themes have in the span of just a few years evolved from desktop-based social media and games to mobile messaging to online-to-offline services, and now the metaverse. Courtesy of Hodder & Stoughton Buy This Book At: Amazon Target If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. “MetaveRse” first appeared as a word in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash, which depicted a world gripped by hyperinflation.Much like the internet, the world’s second largest economy will likely shield its netizens from the rest of the global metaverse.While local government officials in cities like Shanghai seem to embrace the concept, announcing their intention to encourage its application in public services, social entertainment, games, and manufacturing, others are far less sanguine.The metaverse promised an entire world to explore and conquer beyond smartphones, a chance to leapfrog the giants of today that have come to dominate mobile computing.Virtually unhindered, Western capital and local entrepreneurs found opportunities in Communist China to devise a formula that married global capital and technology with the world’s largest population. That China’s internet industry has grown to its size today is in part because the government kept it on a loose lead while hiding it behind a firewall.Assuming the Chinese government sees merit in the technology, the metaverse could in the future be split into two: China and the rest of the world. It’s no surprise that the idea of the metaverse thrilled the Chinese tech community.

Security flaws in a popular GPS module could allow hackers to track vehicles

On Tuesday, cybersecurity firm BitSight disclosed it found six “severe” vulnerabilities in the MV720, a hardwired GPS tracker produced by Chinese electronics manufacturer Micodus. Micodus did not respond to communication attempts by BitSight and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), meaning the company has made no effort to fix the vulnerabilities, and there are no known workarounds.Millions of vehicles worldwide could be susceptible to remote tracking and sabotage due to security flaws in a popular GPS module sold on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Ms. Marvel Ended Up Being the Best Thing on Disney+ This Year

A self-professed “history geek,” Obaid-Chinoy says she’s gotten messages this month from South Asian families detailing conversations about that era they’d never had with each other until they watched the show.“People lost grandparents, great-grandparents; people have unfinished conversations with best friends,” Obaid-Chinoy says.(As Kamala’s mother, Muneeba, notes, “every family has a Partition story, and none of them are good.”) When the original Ms. Marvel comic, created by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona, came out in 2014 it was hailed as the first of its kind, specifically the first monthly Marvel series to star a Muslim woman as its hero. The show’s depiction of the Partition also puts something onscreen that Hollywood has rarely visualized, says Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker who directed the season’s penultimate episodes.And her superhero history goes back to 1947, when India gained independence from British rule and the Partition divided the area into Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India, causing one of the greatest migrations ever.But while Steve Rogers was turned into Captain America to fight in World War II and the Eternals (somewhat ham-fistedly) touched on world-historic atrocities, Kamala Khan’s narrative brings that connection to the past down to the ground level.Her grandmother lives in Karachi and, as Ms. Marvel showed in episodes 4 and 5, was a young girl when her family fled to Pakistan.It featured, of course, a mid-credits scene teasing a future movie tie-in; the hero saved her community and had a loving moment with her family.When you think about bringing a superhero into that world, where there’s pain and trauma associated with it, you have to do it in a manner that brings dignity.”Comics Alliance said it was perhaps “the most important comic” published that year. Ms. Marvel is, in many ways, the quintessential comics origin story:Kamala's superpowers turn out to be rooted, in a way, in her family's Partition story.But thanks in large part to Iman Vellani, the 19-year-old actor who plays Kamala, the character is fully three-dimensional in a way that many on-screen superheroes aren’t.“It came with a great responsibility to create Partition because so many lives were connected to it. :: An Apology to php[world] Attendees

Fortunately, the organizers at php[world] were able to convince Ryan Weaver to fill in for me on the PHP and Frameworks panel, and to deliver a talk to replace my slot in the program. After reviewing a variety of options, I let the organizers know last week that I could no longer attend.It's a situation I hate, because there's nobody to blame but me, and no matter what option I could come up with, somebody would end up disappointed or inconvenienced.Due to disorganization on my part, I accidentally booked php[world] 2019 to coincide with a family commitment.

Laravel: New "model:show" Command

You can even output the same information in JSON, so that services can ingest and use this information: php artisan model:show User --json At Laravel, we're committed to providing you with the most robust and developer-friendly PHP experience in the world. As you can see, model:show combines the information from your database with information from the Eloquent model itself to show you the model's full story.This command displays a thorough overview of any Eloquent model in your application, including its available attributes and relationships. Let us introduce you to model:show .

Laravel: Refreshing Artisan

Let's compare some "Before" and "After" examples so you can fully appreciate these improvements: Before After These are just a few examples of more than 100 commands that have been refreshed. To implement these improvements, Laravel is using Termwind — a package by Francisco Madeira and Nuno Maduro that allows you to build unique console UIs with ease. At Laravel, we're committed to providing you with the most robust and developer-friendly PHP experience in the world.

Saving a PDF file to S3 (without showing it) : laravel

And it works well - with my route to controller I use the following code to display a PDF (example): $html = '<h1 style="color:red;">Hello World</h1>'; PDF::SetTitle('Hello World'); PDF::AddPage(); PDF::writeHTML($html, true, false, true, false, ''); PDF::Output(); Ok.. so now I want to do that... So I try this: $html = '<h1 style="color:red;">Hello World</h1>'; PDF::SetTitle('Hello World'); PDF::AddPage(); PDF::writeHTML($html, true, false, true, false, ''); \Storage::disk('s3')->put('images/baby.pdf', PDF::Output()); But... for some reason... the PDF still gets displayed on the page!As in in my browser (and when I check S3 there is a .pdf file at 0 bytes so... basically it doesn't get trasferred...(and by the way this works)... and just save it to my S3 storage (which I have tested and works with images and stuff).... the alternative news website

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