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Five WebSocket challenges to building audience engagement features at scale

Live interactions such as virtual polls, quizzes and Q&A sessions, tipping performers, interactive presentations, breakout rooms, or chat can be the secret sauce that keeps customers engaged and loyal to your product.

Servers for Artisans: The Next Generation

While this new design is neat, we've also equiped Forge with brand new keyboard shortcuts, allowing power users to get around even faster using nothing but their keyboard. During Laracon NYC 2014, Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, announced both Laravel Homestead and Laravel Forge, instantly simplifying the entire process of building Laravel applications - from first download to final deployment. The result is a modern, breathing design that will feel fresh, yet instantly familiar. Forge is the product that supports the entire Laravel open-source ecosystem.Today, Laravel 8 is installed over one hundred thousand times daily, and Laravel Forge is managing over four hundred thousand sites, most of which serve Laravel applications. We're extremely proud to announce this complete visual refresh of Forge.In what became a massive undertaking, we've re-built our entire Forge frontend from the ground up using a modern development stack. Today's celebration represents more than just a redesign.

Laravel ecosystem — including Laravel, Forge, and Vapor — is PHP 8.1 ready

Vapor If you are running a serverless Laravel application using Vapor, simply specify php-8.1:al2 as your preferred runtime in your application's vapor.yml configuration file: If you are using Docker-based deployments, you may use our laravelphp/vapor:php81 docker image. Forge If you use Forge to provision and deploy your application, you may now choose PHP 8.1 when creating a new server. Envoyer Next, if you use Envoyer for your application's deployments, you may now select PHP 8.1 from your server's settings. Laravel If you plan to use PHP 8.1 on Laravel, ensure you're at the latest version of Laravel.However, this image is still using PHP 8.1 RC6, as Alpine images do not use PHP 8.1's stable version at the time of this writing. And, of course, you may install PHP 8.1 on your existing servers via the "PHP Versions" tab on the server's management dashboard. Now, as you may have noticed in the past few weeks, we ensured that Laravel, first-party libraries, Forge, Envoyer, Nova, and Vapor can support PHP 8.1 on day one.

5 Survival Multiplayer games Developers can play on Weekends

UnReal World UnReal World, the pioneering Finnish survival roguelike, didn’t have all the seeds for one of the world’s best and most unusual survival games. 7 Days To Die In 7 Days to Die, players must use their wits and fists to survive in a post-civilization world. Rust Rust is one of the best multiplayer games, whether you’re playing with friends or a large online community. Minecraft Players must gather materials, create buildings, combat creatures, eat, and explore the surrounding environment to stay alive. Photo by Lucie Liz on As a result, our concept of “survival” is rather wide. The undead has taken over the earth, and 7 Days is a unique mix of first-person shooter and survival nightmare, tower defences, and role-playing video activities, set in a harsh post-apocalyptic setting. Conclusion With a friend or two around, you’re more likely to escape a dangerous situation unscathed. 7 Days, with its unmatched industrial and world-building features, pioneered the survival genre. This survival game flourished before other early access craft ’em ups and has a more interesting idea. UnReal World, a simulation about surviving challenging, realistic conditions, has periodic updates that add new features and polish old ones. So, how will you go through this survival game jungle and find the gems? Continue making forward progress, avoid making any mistakes, and stay alive till the end of this ordeal. As far as gameplay goes, you wake up on a beach and begin your survival adventure. We did this because we wanted to provide something new from the slew of first-person jungle adventures where you grow hungry and everything clips through barriers constantly. The first step in determining the hardware compatibility for a rlcraft server hosting is to check the event’s hardware specifications. Among the most challenging competitive multiplayer shooters, GTFO drops you into a world teeming with a variety of hostile creatures. Bear in mind that even though GTFO has been released, it is still in open beta, which indicates that the game is not yet finished being developed. Except for the reality that the player must live, the games in our collection have nothing in common.If you want to try it, you should know 7 days to die dedicated server requirements, as this information can often provide you with the best 7 days to die hosting possible. What you should know are the rlcraft server requirements that Minecraft frequently asks for. If you’re playing Java Edition, you can make advances in any planet type, whether cheats are enabled or not.

Stitcher turns 5 🎉

Stitcher turns 5 🎉 Some exciting news today: Brent 👍 👍 👍 0 Here's the YouTube video with more instructions: Thanks for reading, and thank you for being here!Read more Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster. Now, how to get an elephpant: I'm giving them away on Twitter, my newsletter and YouTube. « back — written by Brent on June 16, 2022So first things first: I'm giving away 5 Stitcher-themed elephpants, keep on reading if you want one! Before explaining how you can get an elephpant, let me say how much I appreciate it that you're here.

My PHP enum style guide

enum VatPercentage : int { case SIX = 6 ; case TWELVE = 12 ; case TWENTY_ONE = 21 ; } enum Status : int { case DRAFT = 1 ; case PUBLISHED = 2 ; case ARCHIVED = 3 ; } It might be tempting to assign integer values to, for example, status enums where DRAFT comes before PUBLISHED , comes before ARCHIVED . You must use uppercase notation for enum cases: enum PostState { case PENDING ; case PUBLISHED ; case STARRED ; case DENIED ; } Enums are very close to "constant values".Ideally, they only contain methods using the match expression that provide richer functionality for specific enum cases: enum Status { case DRAFT ; case PUBLISHED ; case ARCHIVED ; public function label () : string { return match ( $this ) { Status :: DRAFT => 'work in progress' , Status :: PUBLISHED => 'published' , Status :: ARCHIVED => 'archived' , }; } } Enums shouldn't provide complex functionality, if you find yourself writing too much logic in your enums, you probably want to look into using the state pattern instead. enum PostState : string { case PENDING = 'pending' ; case PUBLISHED = 'published' ; case STARRED = 'starred' ; case DENIED = 'denied' ; } Manually assigning values to enums introduces maintenance overhead: you're not only maintaining the enum cases itself, but also their values. You might be tempted to rewrite the example from the previous point as follows: enum Status { case DRAFT = 'work in progress' ; case PUBLISHED = 'published' ; case ARCHIVED = 'archived' ; } While shorter, you're now mixing two concerns into one: representing labels in a user-readable format, combined with their serialization value. On top of that: enums have their built-in name property that's always accessible in case you need a textual representation: Status :: PUBLISHED -> name ; When in doubt, apply this rule: do you need to create this enum from scalar values (from a database, from user input, …): use a backed enum. My PHP enum style guide This is my personal style guide for using enums in PHP.No index values You should only use integer backed enums when their values actually are integers, not to assign some notion of "order" or "indexing" to your enums.Don't overuse backed enums You should only use backed enums when you actually have a need for them.Values shouldn't be used as labels A backed enum's value should only be used as a value for (de)serialization, not for functionality like providing labels. Nevertheless, I have tried using PascalCase for enums, but it always felt unnatural to me: I wrote my enum cases uppercase automatically, only to notice I did afterwards; meaning I had to go back and refactor them. Some people argue to use PascalCase for enums specifically to visually distinguish between constants and enums.Simple match methods are allowed Enums shouldn't contain complex methods. When in doubt, you can again use the state pattern to model complex transitions between states and their order instead. A good rule of thumb is that if it can fit into a match expression (without returning closures or callables or what not), you're good to go. Ironically, uppercase constants exist because of the same reason: to distinguish them from normal variables. While such sequential indexing works in a limited amount of cases, it's a mess to maintain.If the answer is "no" however, hold off assigning values until your use case requires it. 👍 👍 👍 0Read more Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster.I decided not to fight my instincts and just go with uppercase notation which feels the most natural to me, because of how constant values have been written for years, and how close enums are to constants anyway. « back — written by Brent on May 30, 2022

Remote Work As Climate Action

Emissions data from Department for Transport (DfT): Ferry foot passenger: 0.02kg CO2e per passenger km Ferry car passenger: 0.13kg CO2e per passenger km Flights, domestic: 0.3kg CO2e per passenger km Every journey is different, but ferry about ten times less polluting [than flying], if travelling by bike. Trains Whether you’re on your way to some compulsory “yeah we’re remote but…” company all-hands-summit-retreat, a conference, a vaction, or just off to visit gran, trains are a decent way to get where you’re going as far as the environment is concerned. Footprint Tracking If you ignore everything I’ve written here and just do one thing, it’s grab a carbon footprint calculator, understand your impact, and work on getting it down every month. Mates House There is one element of working from home which can mess up your carbon footprint: when you’re in an office and the house is empty, you’ve got your heating/cooling turned off (or you bloody well should have). Un-rushed Vacations When talking to people about going flight free, the most common response is “but other transportation is so slow, I’ll spend my whole vacation getting there!” Commuting Sucks Regardless of the transportation you choose: Car, train, bike, hoverboard; going to the same place every single day is uninteresting at best. Key Takeaways Limit movement as much as possible, remote working 2-3 days a week is a good start for now. “Looking Your Best” is Unsustainable There are countless other benefits, even the seemingly irrelevant “less time/money on makeup” has wins. Leaving Home to Work Away Leaving home for sustained periods of time can start to feel pricey. Finding Remote Jobs In your next 1:1 why not raise the question of remote working. Cafe’s & Restaurants I know I know, there is a huge amount of stigma against the coffeeshop remote worker, with the cliche being that they buy one coffee then sit there all day. Ferries Sometimes there is water in the way of where you’re trying to go, but this form of slow travel usually comes with free or cheap WiFi. Lisbon to Paris one weekend (night trains!), remote work in Paris for a week, train to Moscow the weekend after, and hang out there a bit… all without using up any vacation time. Coworking Spaces WeWork is the worst in many ways, and until recently it was impossible to go into one for just a day. The flexibility of remote work (when a company properly understands remote culture in place) means time doesn’t matter. Not being forced to center your entire life around getting to a specific place every Monday to Friday opens up a lot of opportunities to improve the quality of life, and massively lower your carbon footprint, which improves quality of life for everyone everywhere. When you’re working remote, you don’t have to get all the way to wherever you’re going in one ice-cap melting jump, you can take your time.— Source: @FlightFree2020 Getting a days work done while you float over the sea, and you can walk around as much as you like without raising suspicions of an air marshal. There are a few ways you can reduce the impact here, like improving insulation and natural solutions like planting shade trees, working from a single room and only heating/cooling that, etc. When vacations are coming use your new found powers of slow travel to work your way towards there, what’s the rush.Companies are stepping up to go carbon neutral (or even carbon negative), and the number of big companies offering remote work is on the rise, but remote work in the States is still only 3-5%. If that seems terrible to you, there’s some way more mainstream approaches to getting work done. The average annual carbon footprint is 10 tonnes in many developed countries, and in America it’s 16.5 tonnes according to the World Bank. For me, instead of a 1-2 hour each-way hell-commute, I cycle 3-4 hours a day. Having your hands freed up on the commute allows for entertainment and other productive tasks, but going to the same train station every day is not the best. The average American commutes for an hour each way to and from work. Remote work solves this problem. I was getting work done on picnic benches by lakes in Sweden, Slovakian petrol stations, and from my tent. The rational part of your brain knows that flying is killing the planet, but other parts of your brain push that aside, telling you that you deserve a break from the stress of normal life, and the budget 5 hour flight seems infinitely more appealing. Maybe start off with remote Fridays to see how it goes, then if it goes well it could be a few days a week. There are a million ideas for how to do that on Protect Earth so pick any of them, but wiping out your commute and air travel is a damn good way to get started. They were amazed to see there was a train route the whole way there, but put off when they realized it would take 4.5 days. If your company don’t give a shit about your existential concerns then you probably don’t want to work there anyway. Track your footprint and try to lower it by 10% every month. This approach is not so handy for people who move around, unless you’ve got friends spread around where you’re going, but there are many other options. When movement is required try to bike, train, bus, coach, carpool, or ferry, in that order. Do you mind if I get a coffee and some snacks, and work for a few hours? I love not needing to waste time, money, and energy resources on doing laundry, I just occasionally hand wash the few things I own, and dry them in the sun. Offset whatever footprint is left, ideally offset more to make up for that shit mate we all have who doesn’t care if we lose the remaining half of the coral reefs. Getting out of the daily grind and riding around all of Europe has given me a chance to think about a lot of things, mainly how serious the climate crisis is. If you simply work from home, you can just not do that. When places are rammed, and generally when you’re in a big city, most places are going to at some point be a bit stressed with you messing up their income. Airbnb is one approach, but it can also be tough to find people looking for longer stays, as many Airbnb stays are just weekends, weeks, or maybe two. For extra bonus points, you can get a job actively tackling the climate crisis, many of which are remote.If you’ve got friends nearby who also work remote, you can take it in turns to all work from their house, cycling over there, or maybe driving around the corner when the weather sucks. Some folks will call this sort of thing being a “digital slowmad”.🍻 The train from Tangier to Marrakesh down here had awesome views, and I got to review the VS Code extension for Spectral - the OpenAPI linter. Trains are have a lower impact on the environment than flying, the exact improvement depending on the power source. Where to Get Work Done? The default of flying is ridiculously pervasive, to a point where lots of otherwise well-intentioned people don’t even consider the alternatives. There are a million co-working spaces around the world, and not just in megacities. Swap homes with people and stay with friends to avoid hotels. The transfer in Chicago meant I got to spend an evening with my mate Zack Kitzmiller, who I’d not seen since we both moved away from New York. I’m well aware ferries don’t seem like envionrmentally modes of transport at face value.All of this freedom, time to think, and ability to reduce my footprint was made possible thanks to Stoplight supporting remote work, and I’d like to talk about how you can do the same. Enable TripIt, Uber, fuel trackers, and one of the awesome smart-meter integrations, or simply setup recurring commuting information with distance and engine type. For more information about working from the road, listen to Parallel Passion: Episode 34. Imagine if more people just… didn’t commute. This same idea extends to other parts of our appearances, like clothing. I like to ride through touristy areas out of season. I made some mistakes last year and did more flying for conferences than I was comfortable with, so to limit my contribution to Greeland pointlessly melting (and fucking burning) After all, who gives a shit how I look when I’m bike nomading? This is cheaper than budget package holidays, less shit, and drastically better for the environment. Another approach is to team up with local remoter workers and share resources. Whenever you’re not sure, it can help to simply be up front with staff before you sit down. Limit the number of rooms and buildings requiring heating. When I started at Stoplight I was mostly writing code, and reviewing pull requests. Another alternative is Home Exchange. I’ve never cared about fashion.Easing into remote working is still a reduction in how much you need to commute, and if things go well more people on more teams could start working from home more often.With most of the world (especially the U.S.) desperately needing to sort its carbon footprint out, remote working might just be a big piece of the puzzle.I remote worked my way down to Marrakesh, bike-commuting through Portugal and Spain a little bit each day, and now I’m spending a week offline cycling around the Atlas Mountains.Wherever it is you are is somewhere you can work, and if you stick to sustainable transportation methods like electric trains or bikes, you can slash your footprint massively.After 90 days my U.K. phone service provider Three kicked me off, deciding I was not “on vacation” anymore, but my U.S. Sprint contract continued to work just fine.Explain that you’re terrified the world is on track for a 5°C warmup which is drastically worse than the most nilist scientists thought probable, resulting in millions of heat-deaths and worse, and that letting you work from your couch more often seems like an easy win to everyones benefit.I could chose an “American day” or “European day” depending on what was coming up.If you don’t have any work-from-home friends, you could try meeting folks on Nomad List, or facilitate the liberation of your office-trapped friends.If you gotta go somewhere and the train won’t handle the wet bits, then taking a ferry is a reasonable choice, and with decent Internet you don’t need to take a vacation day for the voyage.Those trucks are going wether 50% more or less passengers come along, and seeing as the average person weighs about as much as one of their spare tyres, the indivudals share of the carbon footprint is almost negligible.Sometimes I do the whole ride in the morning, sometimes I work a few hours over breakfast and have one big midday ride, sometimes I do one hour on, one hour off.That is 240kg (530lb) a month , and over 262 working days that’s a ridiculous 3,144kg (6,931lb) of CO2 emissions.There are a plethora of sites around for finding remote-friendly companies up remote jobs, so escape the commute with a quick search on any of these.See if you can backfill the data for a few months to get a good idea of your usual footprint, then set out to lower your footprint.It helped me with the cycling, but it’s hard to focus on work when you can see through the fabric of time.

Dealing with dependencies

If you're an open source maintainer, I'd say the rule about picking your dependencies is even more important for your open source code. Now, this strategy seems to work fine in client projects; but what about open source projects that have dependencies themselves?Things get a little more difficult when your open source code turns out to be dependant on other code, code that doesn't support the latest PHP version. Dealing with dependencies This post was originally sent to my newsletter. If you can't find any alternative dependencies, or none that can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time; you can consider forking the package and pulling it into your project. I don't want to leave you with empty words though, so I want to share some actionable advice on how to deal with updating external dependencies. So if you're in open source, the best thing you can do is to carefully consider what packages you depend on. Next, if you encounter an external dependency that doesn't support the latest PHP version yet, try and send a pull request to fix it yourself. First off, I don't wait for the official PHP release to start testing my code.This goes for client and private projects, as well as open source projects. It's impossible to predict the future though, so you'll have to deal with inactive projects one day or another.There are companies that pay employees to work on open source code. The benefit of starting early, is that you're not as much pressured for time.If, on the other hand, you're an open source user; you or your company should consider supporting the people you depend on.Even when you're not able to actually code the required changes, you might be able to test those changes in your project, and provide early feedback. While it's still a valid strategy in some cases, it might be worth to look at it from a different angle.Because, let's face it, you want to update your project to PHP 8.1, but some of your dependencies don't support it. Let's fast-forward in time.Our last resort — forking — isn't as trivial when hundreds or thousands of projects depend on that code as well. I've written a lot about PHP 8.1 these past months.Read more « back — written by Brent on January 19, 2022Open source maintainers will often be very thankful for your contribution.You should look into who and how many people are maintaining it, whether their work is funded, whether there's recent activity in the repository or not, and how many open and stale issues there are.It might be best to check the open issues, pull requests and discussions though, maybe it's already being worked on.It's best to do this kind of research before, instead of having to deal with it right when want to upgrade your project.Forking "in the open" comes with a lot of headaches that you want to avoid at all costs. Being active in the Laravel community, I actually think we're rather fortunate. Of course, it's not always possible to send a PR on your own.I asked him about the most difficult things when it comes to dealing with external dependencies from Laravel's point of view. Email Subscribe Noticed a tpyo?

Database Freedom

We start off with two great feature articles, “Customizing Drupal Feeds For Smooth Migrations” by Doug Groene and “MongoDB and PHP—-A Perfect Match” by Joel Lord. And finally{}, Beth Tucker Long talks about the pitfalls behind the commonly used “Blind” talk selection process used by many conferences and user groups.This month John and Eric discuss some of the greater articles coming in the July 2022 release, “Database Freedom”.The Workshop will help improve our development environments with the article “PHP from Virtual Machine to Docker” by Joe Ferguson.If you’re a puzzle fan, check out this very counterintuitive PHP Puzzles column, “The Birthday Paradox” by Oscar Merida.

PhpStorm 2022.2 EAP #5: @var in Return Statements, Enhanced HTTP Client, Docker Updates

Download PhpStorm 2022.2 EAP Anonymous @var in return statements You can now add an @var docblock before a return statement to specify the concrete return value of a function, without having to introduce a temporary variable. Support for WebSockets endpoints in the HTTP client Our HTTP client now supports websockets: Support for GraphQL endpoints in the HTTP client Docker connection options for additional Docker daemons PhpStorm is now integrated with Colima and Rancher to support more options for establishing connections to Docker daemons. Spread parameters for callables You can now define parameters with the spread operator in callable docblock types. Suggestion to enable Psalm and PHPStan plugins PhpStorm will automatically detect whether you’re using Psalm or PHPStan annotations in your project and will suggest enabling the relevant Psalm or PHPStan plugins if they are disabled. Docker auto-connection on IDE restart PhpStorm now automatically connects to Docker after you restart the IDE. — The full list of changes in this build is available in the release notes. Your PhpStorm team The Drive to Develop This functionality is especially useful when you’re relying on static analysis tools that could mark some return values invalid when the underlying code doesn’t specify clear enough return types.PhpStorm 2022.2 EAP #5: @var in Return Statements, Enhanced HTTP Client, Docker Updates Welcome back to the 2022.2 EAP series! EAP builds are free to use but expire 30 days after the build date. We also added support for GraphQL requests in the HTTP client. We’ve introduced a couple of UI/UX improvements to the HTTP client.

Upgrade to PHP 8.1 with Homebrew on Mac

pecl search pdf Make sure to restart your web server after installing new packages: sudo nginx -s reload sudo apachectl restart valet restart Make sure all extensions are correctly installed and loaded by checking both your PHP webserver and CLI installs: php -i | grep redis var_dump ( extension_loaded ( 'redis' )); # Normal upgrade brew upgrade php # Upgrade with shivammathur/homebrew-php brew tap shivammathur/php brew install shivammathur/php/[email protected] To switch between versions, use the following command: brew link If you're using Laravel Valet, you should do the following steps to upgrade it: composer global update You can use valet use to switch between PHP versions: valet use [email protected] valet use [email protected] PHP extensions are installed using pecl. sudo nginx -s reload sudo apachectl restart And make sure that your local web server also uses PHP 8.1 by visiting this script: phpinfo (); The version should show 8.1.x .files parsed: /opt/homebrew/etc/php/8.1/conf.d/error_log.ini, /opt/homebrew/etc/php/8.1/conf.d/ext-opcache.ini, /opt/homebrew/etc/php/8.1/conf.d/php-memory-limits.ini Now check the ini file: extension = "" zend_extension = "" Note that if you're testing installed extensions via the CLI, you don't need to restart nginx, apache or Valet when making changes to ini settings.They can be installed like so: pecl install redis pecl install xdebug You can run pecl list to see which extensions are installed: pecl list You can search for other extensions using pecl search :Clean and minimalistic PhpStorm # Upgrading with Homebrew Start by making sure brew is up-to-date: brew update Next, upgrade PHP. « back — written by Brent on November 26, 2021 Upgrade to PHP 8.1 with Homebrew on Mac How I set up PhpStorm to be clean and minimal in less than 5 minutes.You can run php --ini to know which file is loaded: Configuration File (php.ini) Path: /opt/homebrew/etc/php/8.1 Loaded Configuration File: /opt/homebrew/etc/php/8.1/php.ini Scan for additional .ini files in: /opt/homebrew/etc/php/8.1/conf.d Additional .ini: php -v Restart Nginx or Apache, if you're using Laravel Valet you can skip to the next section; you need some extra steps in order for the web server to properly work. pecl uninstall redis pecl install redis # Last step # Next steps Check the current version by running php -v The second thing you can do, if you're updating from an older PHP version which also used pecl to install extension; is to reinstall every extension individually.

10 things to avoid when writing a Drupal job posting

Over the past few years, as I've reviewed job postings for Drupal jobs on and other job-related web sites, there are (more than) a few things that always make me cringe… Jobs advertised as junior and intermediate and advanced skill level.Here's a secret, junior level developers don't want to be junior level - they are usually hungry to learn and advance.Job postings like this especially scare away junior developers (for fear they will be in over their head) and advanced developers (for fear they will not be challenged). As an organization that trains aspiring Drupal developers, evaluates individuals' Drupal skills, and provides skill assessments to potential employers, we’ve developed what we feel is some key insight into what makes a good Drupal job posting.If you're looking for a junior developer with more than a year of experience, then you're not actually looking for a junior developer.Most developers enjoy professional development - provide them with a budget and time to learn new skills that will benefit your organization - and don't double-book them with work while they are learning new skills.If you want to hire a junior level developer, then your organization must be willing to invest in them to help advance them.Finally, send your developers to Drupal events - nothing will accelerate your developers' skills than interacting with other developers.There's a reason that junior-level developers exist - because they don't have all the skills and experience yet.Junior-level positions that include front-end, back-end, site-building, project management, multiple Javascript frameworks, etc.. (you get the idea).Job descriptions like this do one thing very well - scare off talented junior-developers that don't want to be put in a no-win situation.Junior-level positions that do not mention on-the-job training and/or mentorship.Drupal is (and has been for a long time) a seller's market - if you manage to find someone willing to fill an expert position at a far-below-market-value rate, you're going to be disappointed one way or another.Junior-level positions that require more than 1 year of experience.I've been developing Drupal sites for more than 14 years and I often see advanced-level job postings that I'm not qualified for.Advanced skill level positions that don't pay market rate. Do you have a junior Drupal developer that you move into a more intermediate developer role?There are some developers that absolutely love the design aspect of building sites (information architecture, class hierarchy of custom modules, etc…) and some who do not.Labelling a position as junior-level because it doesn't pay very well.This is always really perplexing, especially when reviewing expert-level job postings.If you're looking for someone with years of experience in Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, Magneto, administering servers, Behat, site performance, SEO, React, Angular, then prepare to either be disappointed or pay top-dollar (if you can even find someone who meets your criteria).Want to attract top Drupal talent, regardless of skill level - then beef up your offering to make it stand out.If you're looking for an expert developer then you need to be willing to pay for it.By making it clear whether or not the developer will need to interface with a client (online via a ticketing system, for example) you can help avoid unwanted situations.

Get more out of Address fields with Address Map (& Directions) Link module

Granted, you can use the Geofield module ecosystem to turn that address data into embedded maps on your site, but if you're looking for a simpler solution, consider using the Address Map (& Directions) Link module - this module does one thing and does it well: it allows you to link the address to an external mapping service of your choice via additional settings on the default Address formatter.If you're like most modern Drupal developers, you use the excellent Address module to collect country-aware address data on entities that require it.

How to learn a language online

It starts by teaching you basic vocabulary that you’d imagine kids might learn (“cat,” “dog,” “tree,” etc.) and basic descriptive grammatical constructs (“the boy drinks milk,” “the woman drives a car,” etc.) rather than the conversational phrases you start with in Pimsleur. Price: $14.95 per month/$134.95 per year for audio-only in one language, $19.95 per month/149.95 per year for audio+visual exercises in one language, $20.95 per month/$164.95 per year for audio+visual exercises with all languages included Pimsleur is an almost entirely audio-based course.Most languages will have multiple ways to say common phrases (i.e., in English, you might say “Hey,” “Hi,” “Hello,” etc.), and different courses might teach different ones. Streaming content on YouTube and the like Price: Free, if you already have a streaming service I’ve been starting to watch as much content in Korean as I can on YouTube and Netflix.It offers various different ways to learn and practice the decks you create — there’s a “Learn” mode that works you through your set a few words at a time, there’s a mode where you practice dictation, there are some fun games where you can compete with other users, etc. I’ve also run into multiple cases where answers I gave that were correct were marked incorrect because the app was looking for a slightly different translation — but unlike Duolingo, there’s not an easy way to report these instances.For example, there are all kinds of ways to say “very” in Korean (as there are in English), and watching a ton of Korean language content has given me a better understanding of the different situations where people use each one and the different nuances they convey. I also don’t tend to retain a ton from these exercises, I think in part because it’s asking you to memorize full sentences without knowing the words or grammar involved in them, which is pretty difficult — it’s basically trying to memorize a really, really long word.It’s an app that pairs up people who are learning each other’s native languages and helps them chat with each other — so it would pair me, an English speaker who’s learning Korean, with a Korean speaker who’s learning English.I’ve often had Zoom teachers say things like, “My parents pronounced this word this way, but my generation pronounces it this way, and younger people pronounce it this way.” Quizlet isn’t a language course, but it’s the best app I’ve found for learning flashcards. When it comes to the free version, my general attitude is: “Why not?”Many of these exercises aren’t available in the free version, and I do think they make the paid version worth paying for if Memrise is going to be your primary thing — the free version feels pretty limited. Price: $9.99 per month or $47.99 per year I’ve been trialing this for quite a while, but I won’t be paying for it. The other fun benefit is that since users contribute to some of the courses, Memrise teaches you a lot of common slang that professional courses don’t offer (in my experience) but that you will hear native speakers say all the time. While I am a language nerd, I am in no way a language expert. You won’t want to use HelloTalk right away — I think it’s most useful when you’re confident you can get through a basic introductory conversation without confusing or offending anyone. Zoom classes can be a great way to learn a language online, especially as a beginner. Of the resources described here, I would say Rosetta Stone’s content is the most similar to what you might learn in, say, a high school language class.The daily ones only take 10-15 minutes, but you’re also prompted to complete “Weekly Quizzes” and “Monthly Challenges.” And if you really want to learn a lot quickly, doing a bit of Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone every day is likely going to teach you more (and is certainly more cost-effective) than attending a Zoom lecture once a week.But it’s currently positioned in the app as a necessary part of each lesson — after you complete the first portion, you’re always prompted to “Continue with Hands-Free.” In addition to these resources, you should make sure you’re looking into resources specific to the language you’ve chosen. Zoom classes Price: Varies.Your fictional conversation partner speaks to you in the target language, you’ll respond in that language, and then a native speaker will say the correct answer, which you’ll repeat a couple times after them. HelloTalk isn’t primarily a study tool, but I do think it’s great for language learning.I’ve used many of these services for multiple languages (like I said, I’m a language nerd) and will draw from those experiences here, but the best way to figure out if an app will work for you (as is the case with many products, in general) is to try it out yourself.For example, Pimsleur taught me two different words for “and” in its first few lessons — I emailed my Zoom teacher to ask what the difference was. I do really like that there’s a way to report if you believe that an answer the app marked wrong should’ve been accepted.Many language learners will tell you that conversing with native speakers is an essential part of learning your target language. Duolingo used to be one of my favorite resources, but it recently put its review functionality behind the paywall, which makes the free version a lot less useful.I recommend reading reviews, checking out your language’s subreddit, or speaking to other learners you know to find out whether it’s a good choice for your target tongue — especially if you’re considering paying for it. It will also help you get more context for the words and phrases you’re learning that it’s hard to learn elsewhere.“Excuse me,” “How much does this cost?”It also gives you many opportunities to practice asking real people questions like “Hello, what’s your name?” If you do use Memrise as the one thing you pay for, I’d make sure you pair it with a resource that teaches at least some grammar.If you’re deciding between the two as your primary course, I would go for Pimsleur if you’re learning for a trip, if you’re actually hoping to converse with native speakers of your target language, or if you just want to see very immediate results.If you say the phrase correctly, it says “Your Korean sounds like it could be your first language!”That’s going to be fine for students who need to study for different classes each semester, but more of a problem for folks who are trying to learn and retain a language over time. When this article originally went up a few months ago, I’d only tried the free version of Memrise, and I recommended against paying for it. Duolingo reinforces basic grammar and vocabulary through bite-sized lessons (they take me about two minutes on average) with a fun and colorful interface. That the assistant spends so much time talking is all the more grating because the Hands-Free exercises take quite a while to complete as is. The way this app works is that each lesson has two parts. The primary downside is that Quizlet (even at the paid level) doesn’t have a review component the way some other flashcard services do.The free Duolingo now feels less like a comprehensive course than it does a quick way to dip your toes into a language every day. Quizlet recently put a bunch of its features behind a paywall, making its free version a lot less useful. That’s what I think is great about Zoom classes: they offer you an environment where you can chat with a fluent speaker (the instructor), and being riddled with mistakes isn’t only acceptable but expected.These speakers have had the experience of learning your target language (as you now are), and will bring an understanding of what an English speaker might struggle with most and where they should focus their time.If it’s out of your budget, that’s totally fair — you can still have a great language-learning experience with the more affordable resources mentioned here.Free users now only get four “rounds” of seven or so study questions for each set before they’re told they need to upgrade to get more.(For example, there are multiple ways to say “I” in Korean, and I’ve run into cases where the app will only accept one when the other would also be acceptable.)The review exercises are locked in a separate “Practice Hub” page, which you can’t access without a paid subscription. Pimsleur is also a bit more of a time commitment than other resources you might find. Pimsleur has a major hole, though — reading and writing. The quality of any product will often vary by the language you’re using it for. Duolingo’s usefulness varies highly by language.(And you will want to pay for it if you’re going to use it, because the app only gives free users access to the first six lessons.)or “Your pronunciation is better than 90 percent of the people learning Korean!” Pimsleur is also a very pragmatic option if you’re trying to learn survival phrases for an upcoming trip.The first phrases Pimsleur teaches you are common tourist phrases (“Do you speak English?”Words you get wrong are added to a “Difficult Words” list that you can work on separately afterwards.The app has a very nice interface, the technology it uses is impressive, and I like that it forces you to speak after native speakers and do a variety of different exercises.If you speak another language fluently, make sure you’re looking into additional options for speakers of that language. For that reason, unless you’re very confident in your concentration, I recommend making sure the class you sign up for has homework assignments and assessments.Pimsleur will tell you things like, “This sentence should technically have an object marker, but it’s fine for you to omit it,” where you’ll never hear that from Rosetta Stone. Anki’s specialty is spaced repetition; that is, after you create a deck, Anki shows you a certain number of cards every day and will show you a card less frequently the more often you get it right.The app prompts you to revisit a certain number of words or phrases from previous decks with formats of your choice: quick multiple choice, pronunciation, dictation, writing and spelling, etc. This article is tailored to native English speakers (because I am one).If nothing else, it’s a good way to keep your mind on your target language throughout the day and sneak in some practice where you can. The bot rotates between a small number of phrases, all of which are seared into my head after having used this for a couple months.My primary advice for online language learners like myself is to avoid going all-in on one resource (at least, at the start). That said, as I’m sure many current college students can tell you, Zoom classes really are what you put into them.There’s also a tool that allows you to translate a message to your language with a single tap, though you can only do this a few times a day with the free version. Price: $8.49 per month, $29.99 per year, or $119.99 for a lifetime membership.The track puts you in various roles — a tourist asking for directions, a customer ordering beer at a restaurant, a shopper haggling over a price, a worker scheduling a lunch with a colleague — and essentially has you play that role in a simulated conversation. When it comes to pronunciation, Pimsleur is hands-down the best resource I’ve ever tried.There may well be people who will best absorb the language this way, but it doesn’t work nearly as well for me as the other resources here. I actually think that, due to their very different approaches, Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone complement each other really well.I have free-trialed the paid version, and it is better, but not good enough that I’d recommend choosing it as the one thing you’re going to pay for.You may transcribe or translate an audio or video clip, listen to a recorded conversation and answer questions about it, repeat a phrase after a native speaker and have your pronounciation evaluated, or simply flashcard through vocab with a mix of old and new terms each session. The nice thing about Rosetta Stone is that it doesn’t use any English. Many teachers also make themselves available for general questions during the duration of their course.Language acquisition is slow, and you may not feel like you’re going anywhere, but realizing that you can now cold-watch a show that you used to need subtitles for, or even that you understand a line that you previously couldn’t, can be a massive motivator. That’s entirely due to the wealth of apps and online services out there that I’ve been able to take advantage of. I am not advocating for Hands-Free to go away. Price: Android, web, and desktop versions are free. That’s the final thing I don’t love about Mondly: It doesn’t build from easier to harder.Someone learning solely from Mondly would certainly avoid offending people for being too casual, but also would not be speaking the way Korean speakers necessarily talk in conversation. Then there’s the other half, which is called Hands-Free.While you may not immediately memorize every word you hear, consistently watching content in your target language and keeping an eye on how easily you’re grasping what’s happening gives you a good barometer for how much you’re progressing. Price: $11.99 per month or $299 for a lifetime membership. Price: Free. Price: Free. Price: Free.The app forces you to repeat words and phrases immediately after a native speaker over and over. The chat interface includes some useful tools.You can certainly go back and review your sets yourself whenever you want, but it’s not built into Quizlet’s infrastucture — the app won’t make you do it or even encourage you to.Pimsleur’s real strength is as an audio tool — if you’d also like to learn to read and write, you should supplement it with something else.I know people who will put Pimsleur on while they’re cooking or cleaning, but that’s never worked for me personally — I find myself forgetting things unless I’m able to devote 30 minutes to Pimsleur entirely.Previously, you could do new lessons each day and also go back and review old lessons (and the app encouraged you to look back at lessons that you hadn’t done in a while).But as a beginner, that can be an incredibly intimidating prospect — you may understandably be afraid to enter a conversation with a native speaker where you may make all kinds of mistakes and look silly. Update July 19th, 2022, 4:50PM ET: This article was originally published on February 15th, 2022.Native speakers can definitely provide unique cultural context and valuable insight into how the language is spoken. I trialed this but did not end up paying for it. With that, here are some apps I’ve tried. One last thing before we dive in.The app has even instructed me to use words that are very infrequently used, or even considered offensive in some contexts, among native speakers. The final problem here is that Pimsleur is pricey. One other thing on this. There’s also a review component.The app will even transcribe voice messages for you, and it’s pretty accurate (though free users can also only do this a few times a day).Without easy access to native speakers or in-person classes, much of my early journey involved scouring the internet for resources and trying every one I could find.While you may effectively learn grammar from a Zoom lecture, vocabulary is harder to learn that way.

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